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Avey Tare – 7s – Album Review by Joshua Reedy. (2023) My copy: limited 2023 press on violet vinyl by Domino. Cows On Hourglass Pond saw Avey Tare embrace the synthesizer more intimately again, creating a tighter relationship between the acoustic melancholy of Eucalyptus and the electronic variety of his earlier solo works. 7s then […]

Pearls Before Swine – Balaklava – Album Review by Joshua Reedy. (1968) My copy: 1968 press by ESP Disk. A staunch anti-war statement as expressed immediately within the cover’s depiction of The Triumph Of Death, the second full-length from singer-songwriter Tom Rapp and co. (conversely to its artwork) embraces peaceful and fragile sounds as a […]

Ramleh – The Great Unlearning – Album Review by Joshua Reedy. (2019) My copy: 2019 press by Nashazphone. Enigmatic British noise project Ramleh operated in the power-electronics scene primarily in the 80s, pushing the boundaries of both music and aesthetics. Fast forward to their most recent release come 2019, The Great Unlearning: an expansive, modern […]

Les Rallizes Denudes – The Oz Tapes – by Josh Reedy. (2022) My copy: 2022 limited remastered reissue on translucent blue vinyl by Temporal Drift. A major draw to the efforts of Japanese noise/psych-rock band Les Rallizes Denudes lies within their inherent mystery – working only as a live act from 1967 to 1996, their […]

The Horrors – Primary Colours – Album Review by Joshua Reedy from Blue Cadet-3 (2009) My copy: 2009 pressing by XL Recordings. Hitting the ground running with their take on post-punk revival by way of grimey garage-rock, England’s Horrors explore deeper sonic flavors through the electronic pulse of Primary Colours. While their conceptual sound isn’t […]

The Books – The Lemon Of Pink (Album Review) – by Joshua Reedy. (2003) My copy: 2016 remastered reissue on yellow vinyl with pink splatter by Temporary Residence Limited. Thought For Food is a tough act to follow – the album is so conceptually fresh that expansion is difficult to anticipate. And so Paul De […]

Cherubs – Short Of Popular – Album Review by Joshua Reedy. (1996) My copy: 2018 remastered reissue on yellow, pink and blue vinyl by Sonic Surgery Records. Released two years after the eyebrow raising Heroin Man comes Short Of Popular: a compilation of singles and demos made to cap off the band’s initial run in […]

Avey Tare – Cows On Hourglass Pond – Album Review by Joshua Reedy. (2019) My copy: 2019 deluxe pressing with bonus 10” by Domino. If Dave Portner (AKA Avery Tare) has proven anything across his now lengthy musical career, it is that he is a firm proponent of contrast. Where the instrumentally warm and inviting […]

Can – Future Days (1973) – Album Review by Joshua Reedy. My copy: 2014 remastered reissue by Spoon Records. Damo Suzuki’s fourth and final release with Can, Future Days sees the kraut-rock poster-children move into a new realm of contemplative ambient tones; their lengthy jamming now removed from corrosive sound experiments so as to focus […]

Duster – Duster – Album Review by Joshua Reedy. (2019) My copy: 2019 press by Muddguts Records. 19 years had passed since Duster’s last transmission, though their cult influence on independent music spheres had only grown in this gap. Perhaps a renewed interest in slowcore and shoegaze drew Duster back down to the Earth; either way, […]

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