Matt Masterson

Naughter’s on 5th Ave. in Troy bills itself as a “neighborhood diner” and that’s what it is – kind of.  Sure, they have some of the basics – eggs, home fries, and toast; hotcakes, a cheeseburger, a tuna melt – you would expect to see at any diner, but there is something else going on […]

If you are mostly dead, your friends take you to see Miracle Max. If you are hungry, your friends should take you to see Max Clement at Lost & Found in Albany.  I first met Max in the winter of 2021 when he was working at Rosanna’s in Albany – an outstanding Italian restaurant you […]

This is not a restaurant review. This is a pastrami review.  Why drive two hours or so round trip from the Capital District just to eat a sandwich that you can find on the menu at many local places? Tender, smokey, peppery, house made pastrami. The smoker is on the left side of the diner. […]

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