Observations and Ramblinf From a Cranky Old Guy

This is definitely an observation, I hope it’s not rambling, but for sure I am cranky, also angry and very sad. When I first started writing this article, Art Fredette told me, “No politics.” I plan to stand firm to that, and as much as I can I will not be finger pointing or flag […]

Happy New Year! Fingers crossed this year will be better than last. Funny, we said that last year, how did that work out? Let’s just hope. I start off this column with a question for those who are old farts like me. Not looking for an answer, but maybe it’s crossed your mind as well […]

From where I sit, many, but not all people feel the COVID crisis appears to be over (depends on who you talk to, me, I got both my shots so I feel fine), and here’s hoping your ongoing summer plans don’t take a “variant” turn and get all screwed up again. Let’s focus on the […]

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