Putnam Place

Photography By: Tim Reidy

Photography By: Tim Reidy Dillon Robert as DJ of the outdoor party    

Photography By: Tim Reidy

Photography By: Stephanie J Bartik    

NRBQ was known as “the world’s greatest bar band” in the seventies, and the Replacements staked a claim to that mantle in the eighties, although some nights perhaps favoring the bar over the band. Based on their compelling show at a jam-packed Putnam Place last Saturday, Deer Tick are worthy contenders in the current decade. […]

Photography By: Tim Reidy

Anyone who knows me knows me knows I am a huge fan of the band Bumpin Uglies. The thing most people probably don’t know is why. Long before Bumpin Uglies played at Putnam Place, I was indoctrinated to the Uglies and “Uglies Nation” quite by accident. I entered a Facebook contest to see a local […]

Opener: Family Tree Richard LLoyd (g, lead vocal) Group w/David Leonard (b) and Tom Currier (dr) On the darkened stage within Saratoga Springs’ Putnam Place, Richard LLoyd and his bandmates walked up, almost unnoticed, onto the bandstand.  Tom Currier, the drummer, squeezed into his seat behind the drum kit and picked up his sticks. David […]

RRX: You’re a young man and you’ve started a music career, tell us about how you got started and your background. Theo: Oddly enough, I play punk rock music but my origin as a musician is with classical cello. I started playing cello at 7 years old, that was my main instrument for a long […]

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