Xperience History

Shannon Roy – Xperience History – by Seth Casale. I sat down for a few minutes with Shannon Roy. Once described as “Stevie Nicks’ tough cousin” Shannon is a musician, and open mic host, an actress, a soldier deployed in the Army to Iraq, and Afghanistan as a civilian contractor, and a victim of a […]

Sixteen Tons, The Merle Travis Story by Merle Travis & Deke Dickerson Review/Interview by Ed Conway Who is Merle Travis? Unless you are a guitar geek, or an original country music fan, you may not know.  He was not just a guitarist, but a man who popularized such a unique style, they named the use […]

Linda Gail Lewis – Xperience History – by Ed Conway. **Originally published in August of 2021.** Coming up on August 14th, Linda Gail Lewis will be stopping by to the Hangar on the Hudson in Troy, NY as part of her northeast tour, backed by The Lustre Kings. If you aren’t familiar with Linda, she […]

Art Bernstein – Xperience History – by OP Callaghan. Art Bernstein has been playing, recording, teaching and writing about drumming for over 30 years. As a contributing writer to “Drumhead Magazine”, a teacher with The Empire State Youth Orchestra, and performer on over 40 albums, Art is a master at his craft, whose teachings, publications […]

Melissa Ferrick – Xperience History – by Rob Smittix. Originally published April of 2023. (Interview with Melissa Ferrick.) RRX: Hello. How has your morning been? MF: So far so good. RRX: I’m excited just to talk with you. I don’t really like to do “interviews,” I think they’re boring so my style is just to […]

The Bobby Lees – Xperience History – by Joshua Reedy. The original article was printed in August of 2021. The Bobby Lees are an uncompromising garage-rock/punk band from Woodstock, New York. In a recent socially distant interview, the band wrote in to describe their recording process, their new upcoming record, and some interesting encounters at […]

Mike Valente – Xperience History – by Liam Sweeny. The following interview was done for the March 2020 issue of Xperience Monthly. You may know him from such places that used to exist such as: The Hudson Duster and Bogies. You may know him from bands that used to play the scene such as: Attica […]

Off The Record – Xperience History – by Liam Sweeny. Music is life. It encapsulates a moment, and a note or two of a familiar song can draw up our best days, sometimes our worst. It is the soundtrack to our dreams, the strength in our footsteps, and it makes me proud to be here […]

Jimmy Barrett – Xperience History – by Liam Sweeny. Jimmy Barrett is a man of many talents; business owner, musician and radio host, and I’m sure there’s a few things I’m unaware of. I met him in the River Street Beat Shop, a magical place, not just a stop on a musical destination, but a […]

Richard Lloyd – first published in the September 2021 Issue. Interview by Liam Sweeny. The first thing you learn about publishing is: 12 point, Times New Roman, double-spaced. Second thing you learn is that no one wants your memoir, unless you’re famous. But if you’re famous? If you managed to reshape the landscape of American […]

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