“Trash Talk”: Five Q&A with Mike Trash of The Erotics

Written by on June 18, 2018

RadioRadioX’s Shuffle and Local Lunch host Ralph Renna fires off Five Q&A “quick shots” with the Erotics singer and lead guitarist Mike Trash.
RRX: What are your top five  influential albums and why?

Mike Trash: Cooper, Kiss, AC/DC, Elton John; a lot of 70’s rock more than 80’s which somehow shocks people for some reason. I can’t really name albums though, all  those artists have too many albums I love.

RRX:  Touring Europe. Tell…
Mike Trash: We just got back in September from our 8th. UK tour,best one yet by far, bigger crowds, bigger venues and even areas. We were on tour supporting our latest ep “Stuck Between Venus & Mars”  we even shot a video over in the UK for one of the new tunes called ‘I Dismember You’.
RRX: Are you Cock rock or Glam Metal?
Mike Trash: Glock Metal
RRX: What is The Erotics plan for 2019?
Mike Trash: We are getting ready to record some new tunes, and hope to have something new out by May 2019.
Release will coincide with our next UK trip, in the end of May.  We also are playing a few dates and some festivals that week. We plan to hit a lot of US markets in the summer.
RRX: Did you ever dream that you would play a mall on Black Friday?
Mike Trash: I remember working in the mall as a kid, on Black Friday, and wishing rock an roll would take me away. I guess 25+ years later it  has. To literally be playing rock n roll in a mall.

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