The Erotics

Mike Trash (The Erotics) Interview By: Rob Smittix (RadioRadioX) Videography By: Frankie Cavone (Mirth Films) The 2024 Rock & Oddities Listen Up Awards  will be held at Putnam Place in Saratoga Springs on March 24th at 2pm! Purchase Tickets HERE!

LISTEN UP! The 2024 Hero Awards have been announced!!!! All of these folks have and continue to be a MAJOR INFLUENCE on our Local/518/Regional Music Scene!!!! Rudy Lu, Jason Keller, Bill Milhizer, Ralph Spillenger, Johnny Rabb, Charlene Shortsleeve, The Erotics and Ted Etoll !!!!! Currently we are in still in the nomination process for the […]

Mike Trash interview. Some sounds are iconic. I don’t use that word lightly, because the word is played out, and there aren’t enough words that give you the same feel. Iconic. Like hair metal. Like Motley Crue, WASP, Poison. The clothes, the over-the-top performances, and most importantly, the whole-hearted embrace of sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll. […]

Fans were treated to a great night of rock n roll at Columbkill Pub Saturday night, Brother T, X- Bred, Blackcat Elliot , the Erotics and the Va Va Voodoos played for hours to their fans, it was a Festive Nightmare Before X- Mas party with me, Peggy of Troy, aka the Tranny Claus! Special […]

What do Conan O’Brien, The Simpsons, and Mike Trash have in common?  Apparently, a band name.  The Erotics are Albany’s home-grown answer to The Andrews Sisters.  They’re not only prettier, but they play rock and roll like nobody’s business. Clever, irreverent lyrics growled over classic rock riffs, their songs are all orgasm and no foreplay.  […]

I love a sound that just opens the throttle. I want music that makes me want to speed, or at least justify the speeding that I may do unawares. Good, strong rhythm, melodies that can nudge a Ouija board, that kind of thing. MÖRDWÖLF is like that. Don’t let the umlauts (the two dots) fool […]

One of the cool parts of doing interviews for RadioRadioX is that I’m finding all kinds of great music for my lawless joyrides. And as I daydream of launching Molotov cocktails at polite society, I hope that Ike’ Wasted World will be on rotation. Hard-driving and in-your-face, Ike’s Wasted World is fronted by Eric Joseph […]

RadioRadioX’s Shuffle and Local Lunch host Ralph Renna fires off Five Q&A “quick shots” with the Erotics singer and lead guitarist Mike Trash. RRX: What are your top five  influential albums and why? Mike Trash: Cooper, Kiss, AC/DC, Elton John; a lot of 70’s rock more than 80’s which somehow shocks people for some reason. I can’t […]

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