NONCOMPLIANTS – No Space is Safe

Written by on February 21, 2019

They’re assholes. I don’t know Danny Boy or Burris, so I’m just going by their advertising. I know Brother T, and I think he’s a pretty cool guy, so I’m calling him an asshole our of pure professional courtesy. And you may be thinking to yourself, who isn’t an asshole these days? Well, I’m thinking it. But after listening to a few songs from their band, Noncompliants, I feel comfortable in extending all good and proper insults.

Everyone sings, so I’ll skip the ‘and vocalist.” Danny Boy is the guitarist, Burris is on drums, and Bassist Brother T is actually a part of my musical history, as in a previous band I’d delivered some tasty lead guitar riffs for classic anthems such as ‘Back door no-no’ and other ones I can’t remember ‘cause I still don’t have a copy of that damned CD. So I will sit down with Brother T (and everybody else,) to let them hustle their shit.

RRX: You guys don’t hold anything back, in either the music or the lyrics. But I’m not feeling like it’s just shock for the sake of jock. ‘Cause I see that everywhere. And I know that, at least with you, Brother T, that unwillingness to hold back has deep roots. We’re you all so demented when you met? Or did one of you wave to go around twisting morals?

Bro. T: Well, Liam, you’re right brother, we don’t hold back. We wanna say it as we see it. This world is not perfect as it’s our goal as a band to get people behind us to rise against it! We want our friends and fans to stand behind us as we say fuck the system!

Second part of your question is; we’re not really going for a demented outlook or silly approach to this project as our bands we played in in the past (The Leotards and Corn Bred) – T and (The Erotics) – Danny were fed up as we know a lot of other people are.

RRX: You guys have a real straight up sound. It’s driving and it’s like a bludgeon and it really works for what you guys are putting out there. There’s always a balance between what’s being sung and what’s being played. They go together on purpose or sometimes by accident, but they have to go together. When you all are tinkering around, is it usually the words coming first, or the music?

Bro T: To be honest, it can be either the lyrics or a rhythm that brings a song together. A band is a fine tuned machine, and if all the parts aren’t moving right something sounds off, it’s not gonna work. The songs write themselves – all it takes is a feeling or an idea to get the motor started.

RRX: Punk has always been about rebelling against society. But society changes, and what’s “the norm” today, like tattoos, piercings, etc., is what was pretty punk decades ago. So what is today’s punk rock scene rebelling against?

Bro T: Punk these days, huh? Well, in my eyes, it’s much of what we’ve heard since the 70’s from bands like the Sex Pistols to The Exploided with others on the way like The Adolescents, D.R.I. and so many other great bands which I could go on all day about. It’s always been about saying fuck you to the man and rebelling against the system and saying it as we see it. We in NON COMPLIANTS feel like we’re writing songs for a movement with such songs as: Shit Out of Luck, Dysfunctional and Safe Spaces (The Millennial song) No PC bullcrap, no filter – we say it as we see it!

RRX: What makes the sound? Guitars, basses, amps, kit and symbols – what’s the gear that makes the parents of the young kids fear? And what do you all think would be the best way to deface your instruments, assuming, of course, that you have brand new instruments waiting for you backstage?

Bro. T: I think back to myself as a kid. My parents weren’t doing so good financially raising 3 kids, so I didn’t own my own guitar till I worked and saved enough to buy it myself. Still have my first guitar, no stickers or nothing. I know expression is also a part of being in a band and Danny has quite a few guitars with stickers n such all over them supporting other bands. I have destroyed guitars on stage before they were mostly guitars that didn’t work, and I just wanted to let my inner demons play. I wish more kids these days would take up an instrument and play instead of being stuck on the computer or phone rotting their brain.

RRX: One of the things I’ve come to love doing these interviews is hearing about the greatest shows people have played, like, really wild and memorable tales. Some have nor disappointed; sadly, some have. I think people are shy when it comes to talking about crazy shit. Restore my faith in insanity. What’s the craziest show you got (I’ll accept shows you all have had in other bands.)?

Bro. T: We as a band have all had different bands we’ve played in. Myself -T (The Leotards and Corn Bred); Danny (OZ Willis and Godfathers of Infection); Burris (Subatomic Genius and 2 Guys) – we’ve all had our favorite shows and ones that we don’t wanna remember. In this band we’ve had some shows that stand out, such as our CD release party with all of our friends playing and in the crowd. That right there means the world to us, time with our friends.

RRX: I listened to your CD, lovingly titled FU. Sounds great, love it. Brother T knows I’m a studio kind of player. I like being a cog in the machinery of how music is made. So as far as your CD, any liner notes on the studio? And when you guys are in the studio, how to you get that power rush going when the audience is soundproofing tiles?

Bro. T: When you’re in the studio you’re there to rock out as usual, play your parts right and have fun. The soundproofing stuff gets ignored because again, you’re in there with your best friends playing. It’s always a rush with your friends and we brought as many that could join us on the CD.

RRX: Last question is standard: two parts. You have friends. Probably lots of friends. Give them a shout, insult their moms, curse their names (but please spell them right.) Second part is the drunk call at three a.m. – what’re ya doin’? Anything new? What’s going on with NONCOMPLIANTS in the next few months?

Bro. T: We wanna thank our families first and foremost for putting up with us. As for friends, they know who they are – the list goes on and on. We gotta say extra thanks to Jim Wertman for taking awesome photos and John Chiara for helping us record the CD even tho’ ….. well can’t say that lmao! Thanks to Ralph, Liam and Artie at RadioradioX for letting us take part in this, and Jeff and Kipp at Cacophone Records for releasing our CD and putting up with us!

As for crazy drunk calls and assholes waking me up – I’d have to say hi to Mr. Hie Gene, who is great at that, lol… long drunk talks about the band and how he misses the scene. And many other characters that know who they are all in all; you are what makes us who we are. Stepping out of character for myself and our band we’d like to say thank you to everyone who supports local music and our band. We love you guys!

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