U.S. Bay – Interview – A Hot Minute

Written by on April 20, 2024

U.S. Bay – Interview – A Hot Minute – by Liam Sweeny.

We connected with artist U.S. Bay to talk about his art. This is what he had to say.

RRX: We let it out differently when we play music. The happy, sad, good and back; it can all be put out musically. Overall, do you feel better when you sing about the better times, or the worser times? Is there a difference you can describe?

U.S. Bay: I make music off of how i feel!! If im thinking about the pain i’mma write about it, if i got a fire fit on imma write some dope shit, i go off the vibes i like doing both versions in the studio.

RRX: Creative people move culture, especially musical performers. We have to thread the circumstances in our lives in a way to affect others. And this is sometimes a responsibility put on us. How do you, specifically, move culture?

U.S. Bay: I move the culture by making songs for that kid who thinks there’s no way out the hood or off the streets. i feel like i move culture by waking up posting a motivational quote like “get yourself together” or posting my gym progress. i move the culture with more than just music.

RRX: With services like Spotify, streaming revenue can be pretty dismal. Without spilling secrets, do you have a promotional mindset or philosophy?

U.S. Bay: Streaming services don’t really pay much unless you’re doing billions of streams. We get 0.0000000000007 percent so i just sell cds and merch and make100% off that. There is no secret to that…. you have to have hustle in you.

RRX: In the musical world, there are many supporting players. Recording engineers, sound techs, cover art designers. Who are three people that support the craft that you would like to shine a spotlight at?

U.S. Bay: i wanna shout out and shine the light on Top 5 judson recording for me in the crib mixing all the music. John C Majic also for mixing and mastering all my music since 2010 and never switching on me. Jacardi Dark for all the beats he produced since buck em down!  the list goes on… Only Way Out studios for the love and hospitality in the studio. Shoutout DJ Show, DJ King Bully, DJ TGIF, DJ Ness Nice, Young Wise, DJ Supreme, DJ Zodiac, DJ TYI Mc Fly, DJ Wiz Hoffa & DJ Goodlyfe for all your support as well.

RRX: Would you rather have one of your songs blow up and make you a one-hit wonder an household name, or would you rather have all your songs be solidly received, but no chart-climbers?

U.S. Bay: This is a tough question because you can be a one hit wonder and tour the world for a long time and make a bunch of money from one song. Making music with no chart climbers can still be a win… i can do shows etc. and still have a name. Benny and Conway (griselda records) is an example so imma say both.

RRX: Let’s talk about your next project, your next few. Just not the ones you’re working on now. The ones you have your eyes on for the future. What’s coming to us?

U.S. Bay: I have a project coming called ‘Be right back” . I have a few singles with good names that  i can’t speak on yet, a collab project with Mike Billi  called ‘Slums’ and another album called “Never Giving Up” be on the lookout for all of that.




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