Taking sound further on 420- with The Escape

Written by on February 19, 2019

When musicians refer to rehearsal, gigging, or improvisation, they may use only one other word, that being “Jam”.   Not to be confused with a genre of music known as jam bands.  An old wise man  (Ozzy Osbourne) once said,  “You can put four great musician’s in a room together, but it doesn’t mean they will make great music.  That old wise man was right. To make great music together, a band must have a feel what they play, a good chemistry to create and be able to get along enough to be in one room, long enough to write a good song.  

Others play well enough to bounce off each other and not have recorded  tunes to practice.  This is where feel and improvisation can take things to an immaculate level of sound. blowing the minds of those in the audience! The Glens Falls New York  based 4 piece band The Escape are all about taking thing further than the year prior. Guitarist Nick Martindale fills us in on the progress.

RRX: Where is home base for the band and your music scene? Nick: Most of us have grown up in the Glens Falls area which is where we have played the most. This area’s local rock roots leads to a great group of venues open to original music.
RRX: What does the band thrive on? Writing , gigging? Recording? Nick: Is all of the above a good answer? We have been writing our core group of songs for a few years now and are trying to get in and through the recording process as best we can. Every gig we play gives us the rush to push forward.

RRX: Would you claim to be a jam band? Nick: We’d like to think so. We love to jam on our songs. Generally we set out to write a great tune and then explore the space by trading jams back and forth.
RRX: What influences have shaped the sound of THE ESCAPE? Nick: It’s a tough question. We have tried to cover the songs of our idols ranging from The Grateful Dead, BB King, Stevie Wonder, Bill Withers, Jimi Hendrix, Freddie King….so many more. Really what shapes our sound is our own personal blends from all of these.
RRX: Tell us about Gug’s and its ties to the local scene? Nick: Gug’s is GREAT. Every time we play there it is welcoming, fun, and real. It’s a modern day “dive” that caters to original music. The owner Mike loves music and really takes care of us local guys. 
RRX:  What is the plan for 2019
Nick: Finish the first album in the studio and play as many gigs as we can. This year we really want to get our music out to more people. See The Escape live at Dinosaur Bar-B-Cue Troy On April 20 



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