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Written by on September 27, 2020

In literature, especially non-fiction, they say write what you know.

This article is definitely what I know, and I hope you NEVER have to know what I know.

But where are my manners?

Hi again, I missed you, whether it’s reciprocal remains to be seen.

You may have noticed my article was not in the last issue, I think there’s a pretty good reason.

Lemme start by asking, what did you do this summer?

Me? I had a heart attack and bypass surgery.

And through it all, music helped save my mortal soul (thanks Don).

Background, as stated by the “Old” part of “Cranky Old Guy,” I’m 64, diabetic for twenty plus years, and also deal with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I am not as “fluffy” as say, Gabriel Iglesias, but the Macy’s Parade people do keep me on their speed dial during the holidays.

During the last two weeks of July I was feeling like crap, having a very hard time getting a full breath, a problem for one who needs his voice for a living.

In truth I thought I was getting the COVID.

Called the primary doctor, he said probably not COVID, but monitor closely and get back to him if it gets worse.

That was a Thursday, my boss gave me the next day off to chill.

Saturday, I was panting walking from one room to another.

Primary doctor says go to Urgent Care.

After examining me, Urgent Care says they might have noticed a blood clot in a lung.

Oh yeah, I also had a mild heart attack, AND may have had a few leading up to this one.

On to Ellis Hospital I go, after a couple days of tests, they say the bypass is needed, fortunately just a single one, its set for Friday.

When you are stuck in a hospital bed for God knows how long, there’s only so much you can do.

Only so much crap television to watch, and you need a distraction from the hospital food.

Then there’s the endless poking, prodding and examining by the medical staff.

Fortunately, with my phone and ear buds, I could drift away to tunes.

(This is the part where I get in the plug for RadioRadioX and RadioSoulX, with essentially wall-to-wall music, it was the distraction I needed. Additionally, stressed as I was, I was also able to experiment and look for online music I never heard before or haven’t heard in the longest time, with my job and life obligations, I really never had time to do that a lot, since I got out, it is now on my daily to do list.)

While we’re on the subject of “the company line,” let me take a moment to thank Fearless Leader Art Fredette for checking in on me from time to time and giving me inspiration to keep kicking ass, mucho thanks you bald headed teddy bear you…

Let me cut (pun intended) to the chase. On the last day of July, the bone cutter did his thing, took over four and a half hours, a week later I am home.

What I did not know is there is a LONG recovery time, two months, potentially more with health concerns such as I have.

Even if I feel good, doctor rules say one must allow for healing to be completed.

This means I must sit on my ass for two LONG months.

I am a workaholic. I can’t sit for two HOURS let along two months.

But orders are orders. During the down time, it’s a complete makeover, change in diet, change in lifestyle. Bone Cutter says with the bypass, my heart can last another 30-40 more years.

But ONLY if I get the diabetes in line, control the blood pressure, and keep an eye on the kidneys.

Used to be so easy when I was younger, when all I needed was a shot to take care of the occasional social disease I would pick up.

To stay healthy (and drop the extra poundage), I gotta walk, back to the phone, the ear buds and music.

(Another time to mention RadioRadioX and RadioSoulX, both are great for your heart, trust me on this one.)

So, where do we stand?

As of mid-September (when I wrote this), I have dropped 25 plus pounds, with a goal (less than 30 pounds away) of getting to a fighting weight of 185.

With help from the Primary Doctor, blood sugar is almost within acceptable levels.

Still working on blood pressure but in time we will be there.

And if all goes well, I’m back behind the microphone again by mid-October.

Lemme leave you with a cautionary warning, you do NOT want to go through what I did.

Keep an eye on yourself, take care of yourself.

And, you will be amazed at how many friends you really have, and how many truly care for you.

(You will also know how many could give a rat’s patoote about you, so do what I did and delete, delete and delete from the friend list.

Finally, I’m yelling at people again, so the “Cranky” part is back.

Now if I can only do something about that scar on my chest.

Be hearing you.

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