Lucas Garrett Unleashes “Familiar Floors”

Written by on October 24, 2020

On September 26, 2020, Lucas Garrett, a local Glens Falls area musician, released his third compilation, Familiar Floors.
If you are familiar with Lucas’ style, you will know his eclectic mix of indie, folk, progressive rock. But wait, there’s more!
Lucas evens the playing field and has turned up the heat with this project.
Where his songs usually are about love and life, this compilation takes on a bit more of a questioning attitude.
In this project, Lucas seems to share his soul with the listener. Touching upon familiar emotions we all share. The questioning, the wondering, how did we get where we are?
Be prepared to be floored with his new EP.
A short four-song EP opens with “Wires Humming”. It has a driving bluesy sound, strong guitar, and rumbling baritone vocals, and that gut finding growl! Close your eyes, and you will be transported to a smoke-filled, darkly lit pub, where people hide in the shadows of life, with clinking glass bottles in the background.
Garrett lets it all out during the guitar solo. And luckily for the listener, every one of the four cuts, highlight Lucas’ masterful guitar skills.

Gone before tomorrow
We’ve been wasting
Away our days
Unrelenting dreams
A laggard’s daydreams
Look at me

The wires are humming
My mind is burning
The world is burning
What the hell can we do?

The bluesy mix is interrupted with “Inside Out”, the third song. You will hear a new-wave, post-punk sound, with a flavor of The Talking Heads, while remaining true to his style. This is my personal favorite of the set. It just bleeds with the self-doubt we all feel from time to time.

Where am I right now?
I cannot pretend
To know where this room starts and
Where it will end
I have a strange feeling
I’ve been here before
Nervously make my way
Across familiar floors

We have watched Lucas grow more with each release. This CD is showing a maturity about life, it showcases his talent. I highly recommend you keep this man on your radar.
I truly believe when he sets his mind to something, nothing will stop him!
Consisting of four songs – “Wires Humming,” “All Around Me,” “Inside Out,” and “One More for the Road,” Garrett shows his talents and has seemed to surround himself with perfect mix of other talented musicians, to help him realize his potential. Kevin Kosach on bass, Emmett Rozelle on drums, and Cassandra Pratt and Bob Bates on violin
You can find more about Lucas, and view merchandise and song downloads here –>
Remember to always support your local musicians. They put their heart and soul out for every show, and with all the strife in the world today, music is the perfect antidote.

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