John Cole Peterson: Writing to the Wolf Blood Moon

Written by on March 28, 2021

With acoustic songs like “My Type of Woman” to experimenting with hip-hop songs like “Arrive” (feat. Reck Yosiah), John Cole Peterson is on the attack now writing a brand new album with 3 new singles that can be heard on and
John’s music is grabbing the listener’s attention abroad. I was able to steal John from his writing, have dinner and talk about his music that is recently being heard and to find the answer on when the new album is going to be released.

JW: First I want to say thank you for taking the time to sit down and chat with me.
After hearing your previous music, the new music is taking a different direction that is producing some really strong songs. Can you tell the readers a little bit about this new direction and how it came about?

JCP: My new sound or direction is all about production. I love taking a soulful song I wrote on the guitar giving it life with a modern beat. I love building up to a beat drop and a catchy chorus. I love experimenting with different sounds and instruments. I love writing love songs to darker soundings beats.

JW: You have 3 new singles out right now called “Blood Moon “, “Wrong” and “ Lay you Down” that can be heard on &
Are these songs an example of what’s to come?

JCP: These three songs a perfect example of what’s to come. All though I will say my beat making/production skills have gotten even better since the making of those songs!

JW: I would like to talk about the song “Blood Moon “. There is a video for the song that can be seen on YouTube. Both the song and video have an interesting story behind it. Can you fill the readers in on the story behind “Blood Moon”?

JCP: I wrote “Blood Moon” on the night of the Wolf Blood Moon eclipse. I watched the eclipse and then went inside to create the track right away! I created the beat and wrote the lyrics on that night. I recorded the vocals the next day. Once it was mastered and ready to go I knew I had to make a video for it. A blood moon is so cool and appealing visually. I wanted the video to be the same. I worked with my videographer to create a bloody occult feeling to the video. Blood, snakes, candles, red lights, and fire. My friend had the perfect location and he even let me stain his bathtub with red food coloring for the blood bath scene. Red is my favorite color and I love the occult.

JW: The 3 new singles I’ve mentioned earlier, are they songs that are going on your new album and when will the new album be released?

JCP: The three songs will be on my album. My sister, Haley Peterson, will most likely be the only feature on my album. The album will be out everywhere on October 27th 2021!

JW: Do you have any plans after the new album is released? For instance: A tour or working on another project?

JCP: After the release of my album, I plan to book as a many venues as possible, most likely here in the valley. Hopefully that is possible by then, pandemic-wise. I would love to travel out of state as well and perform. But really I’m just focused on making an incredible album to gain more exposure. Things like online promotion, music videos, submitting the work to different forums and blogs will be a big priority. I want the album to be able to live as long as possible. I want to squeeze every little piece of online content out of it as I can.

JW: During dinner you mentioned a new single you feel strongly about that will also have a video made for it. Can you fill us in on when we’ll be looking for it and can you let the readers know on ways that they can listen to and follow John Cole Peterson?

JCP: My new single titled “Rhythm” is due to release in May along with a music video for it! It is going to be available on ALL streaming platforms. Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, and many more. My latest single, “Lay You Down”, is now available everywhere now! I have songs on YouTube and SoundCloud too. The best way to stay updated with my music is to follow my Instagram @johncolepeterson I post all the links to my music on there and I am always posting sneak peeks and behind the scenes of the process!

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