JESSE SAMPLE’S FREAK OF THE WEEK Airs EVERY WEDNESDAY at 8pm Eastern on! This is Jesse Sample. Pop Quiz? How many groups of people do you know of that believe it will all come to an end on a specific date or around a specific  event? There’s too many to count.  Whether these beliefs […]

The Conspiracy Behind the Eclipse – The Weird Side of the Internet – by Liam Sweeny. This is a story about a conspiracy. The mainstream media and most government officials in July received a memo from NASA stating that they need to power down if they were in the path of totality at the moment […]

With acoustic songs like “My Type of Woman” to experimenting with hip-hop songs like “Arrive” (feat. Reck Yosiah), John Cole Peterson is on the attack now writing a brand new album with 3 new singles that can be heard on and John’s music is grabbing the listener’s attention abroad. I was able to […]

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