Deb Cavanaugh Releasing New CD, “Love Songs & Lullabies”

Written by on April 4, 2021

Deb Cavanaugh is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from the Capital District whose new CD, Love Songs & Lullabies, will be released on April 23rd, 2021. Deb will be joined by Brenda Fisher on bass guitar, Brian Melick on percussion and Matthew Warner on harmonica for the CD release concert at Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY on April 25th at 7 pm. A limited number of tickets will be sold for in-person seating, and the show will be live-streamed.

“Love songs & lullabies may sound like a cliche, but in my life, it’s not. Because I worked in preschools and raised children for over forty years, I know more lullabies than I could ever count. Singing to children as they’re falling asleep creates a magical bonding. Music connects people in a heart-to-heart way. Lullabies do this while soothing and relaxing children for sleep. The lullaby at the end of this album is a song that started to take shape when my youngest son was still a baby. I revisited it when my granddaughter came to live with me as an infant. Recently, I ran across it when going through some of my papers. I started to play it again.

“One thing is for sure; we never know when or where we will meet that special person and fall in love. Neither do we know how many times that lightening will strike. For me, it’s been three times. The third time was the charm, as they say. I feel as though I am in paradise living a life that I never even dreamed was possible. One of the love songs that I wrote is ‘Finest Man,’ a fun, upbeat blues played on the mountain dulcimer loosely about meeting my current love. Then, ‘In Winter,’ also on the mountain dulcimer, was inspired by my drive home from the city into the mountains, noticing the moon’s reflection on the Hudson River and the snowy branches while anticipating being back home with my true love. ‘Lonely Chair’ is a true story. I often go to music festivals or on other travels and adventures. In 2015, I took my granddaughter to a local festival that spans four days. When we returned home, she noticed that there were blankets and pillows in the big recliner, so she asked about them. The answer she got was, ‘I miss your Nana when she goes away and don’t like to sleep in the bed without her.’ My granddaughter laughed and said, ‘Ha! It’s the lonely chair.’ Even the songs that are not necessarily love songs, like ‘Hot Coffee In Bed’ and ‘Let The Rain Come’ have that theme of being in love.

“This project came about while I was out of work during the pandemic and immersed myself in my music. I wrote many songs and pulled out a few older ones. Then, I reached out to many talented musicians to help out with it and ended up with a wonderful variety of sounds. You can hear some oboe, pedal steel, fiddle, mountain dulcimer, and much more. I even had my granddaughter, who is now a young musician in her own right, sing back-up vocals. The music that means the most to us reaches deep inside, stirring memories and emotions. I hope your life will be filled with plenty of love songs and lullabies.”

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