Ricky Woods of Ozzmosis: Heavy Metal Sonic Diffusion -By: Neoptolemus

Written by on September 9, 2022

Metalheads all want to sing like Ozzy. It’s true. Whenever I go to a Walpurgis gig (a local Sabbath tribute band), they’re all singing along, especially to War Pigs.  They know all the words — even if they don’t sound like Ozzy.

But imagine if you really could sing like Ozzy? What would that be like?

RRX asked Ricky Woods of NYC-based band, Ozzmosis. Ricky is the vocal spitting image of Ozzy. Not the spent vocal cords Ozzy of today, but the vocal juggernaut Ozzy of the 1970s and 80s. Don’t believe me? See for yourself: Ozzmosis takes the stage at The Egg on September 17th. It’s gonna be a good show! And I don’t think Ricky will mind if you sing along…

RRX: Who’s in the band, Ricky?

RW: We’ve got Mike Kelly on guitar. Rock n roll is his religion, and he’s devout. And Captain Andre Picard of the USS AMPEG (NCC-666) on bass. And Jim Totoro on the skins.  Ever steady, with a bit of a roll. And, of course, me out front on vocals.

RRX: You’re currently concluding a summer tour.  Do you have dates local to the Capitol Region?

RW: We’ll be at The Egg in Albany on September 17th: 


And in October, we’ll be at Turning Stone in Verona on the 30thth


RRX: How is the tour going? How is it being received by fans?

RW: We’re not actually touring in full-swing yet, as the world is just really starting to open up again after COVID, but we are booking more and more shows, and hopefully, will get 100% back on-track soon. The shows that we have been playing have been all very well received. People are so happy to see live music again, and I couldn’t be happier to be up there leaving it all on stage every night for them.

RRX: Why Ozzy? Did you have an epiphany?

RW: I have been a huge fan of Ozzy and Black Sabbath since I was around 13 years old. When I was in high school, I listened to his voice at least once a day for four straight years. I was even in an Ozzy tribute band right after high school for around a year. We did songs off of Blizzard, Diary and the Sabbath tracks on Tribute. I knew I wanted to play my own music though, so after that I didn’t do any of his music for many years. Later in life I wanted to sing those songs again, professionally. I always loved the music and wanted to show my respect and love for the songs that meant so much to me for the majority of my life.

RRX: Do you have any musical influences besides Ozzy and Black Sabbath?  

RW: I am a true fan of many different styles of music. Besides Black Sabbath and Ozzy, some of my favorites include Rush, Dio, The Beatles, The Kinks, Jethro Tull, Harry Nilsson…I could go on here for a while…lol!

RRX: When did you start to perform as a singer?

RW: My first time — knowing I could sing well — was around eight years old. My first “band” was around fifteen. I’ve been singing Ozzy songs professionally since 2007. 

RRX: Have you ever met Ozzy?  What does he think of your tribute to him?

RW: I, unfortunately, have never met Ozzy in person yet. I did get a chance to speak to him on the radio twice, however, around the time of the “No Rest for the Wicked” and “No More Tears” albums. I’m not sure he has ever heard me sing, but some people very close to him, including Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler (whom I have both met a few times) have heard me on a tribute to Tony album that I sang on.

RRX: What is your favorite Ozzy song to sing, and why?

RW: Great question! It’s so difficult to narrow it down to one song, but I’ll give you one from his solo career and one from his Sabbath days. For the Sabbath era, I’ll say “Spiral Architect”. For the solo era, I’ll go with “Diary of a Madman”. Both are incredible songs, and the vocal melodies that he wrote for them are brilliant. They really show his vocal range and the depths of his talent.

RRX: What is your musical guilty pleasure?

RW: I don’t really classify any music I listen to as a guilty pleasure, as I’m not ashamed of any of the artists that I enjoy. Some may find it interesting that I am a big John Denver fan, as well as ABBA.

RRX: Anything you’d like to say to your fans?

RW: My eternal thanks and gratitude for your support! I am blessed to be able to give you my best every show, in celebration of this music that we love so much. When I see you out there, singing along with every word, I know that it means something to all of us. Looking forward to seeing you soon and remember to say hello.

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