Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience -By: Amy Modesti

Written by on November 23, 2022

In years past, modern art was learned in college textbooks and museums. Paul
Gauguin, Paul Cezanne, Vincent Van Gogh, and Georges Seurat painted the
development of modern art by means of experimentation and viewing the world under
abstract eyes. We continue to break traditional norms of modern art and how it’s
represented a century plus later through 360-degree projections, virtual reality booths,
15,000 square foot screens, and large-scale art inside a 30,000 square foot temporary
arts space.

Armory Studios NY (Schenectady, NY) is where one can submerse themself into
the life and world of Vincent Van Gogh in Van Gogh- The Immersive Experience
(Albany/Capital Region). Taking in the sights of Van Gogh’s works in a transformative
space is something that one must bear to witness for themselves.
“I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.” -Vincent Van Gogh
132 years have passed since Van Gogh’s death in 1890. His creations continue
drawing attention amongst artists and arts patrons. So much so that in 2017, Exhibition
Hub Entertainment and Fever organized Van Gogh-The Immersive Experience, which
has gained 5,000,000 plus visitors (and counting). The admiration for Van Gogh’s
madness yet, captivating paintings, remains present in modern society. The dream of
turning his world into a 21 st century masterpiece and in-person experience has become
reality. And until January 2,2023, viewers can enjoy being in Van Gogh’s world at
Armory Studios NY.

So…what can you expect to see (and enjoy) at Van Gogh-The Immersive

1. Six large Van Gogh self-portraits framed and hung inside the small entrance
upon entrance. These portraits were painted in Arles, Paris and Saint-Remy in
1887, 1888, and 1889. Some depicted Van Gogh with his bandaged ear,
another wearing a straw hat, and hatless. Also, a perfect spot to take your own
selfie along the six stages of Van Gogh if you desire.
2. Main Lobby: Prepare to be amazed as you officially enter Van Gogh’s The
Starry Night main lobby. Guests have the option of having their photo taken
at the Van Gogh-The Immersive Experience wall by the ticket holder. Giant
sunflowers are plastered along The Starry Night centerpiece, awe dropping to
view up close. Upon entering the remaining exhibits, guests can sample
soothing Japanese flower tea. Van Gogh admired Japanese art and culture so much that he attempted to form a utopian art colony with Paul Gauguin at the Yellow House in Arles.

3. The Art & Life of Van Gogh (His Works-A Virtual Museum): Fun
facts about Van Gogh are learned in the first section. There’s a life timeline, a
top five expensive paintings sold at auction list, background on the Van Gogh
sisters, a story on his friendship and animosity with Gauguin, and a display of
painted sunflowers, landscapes, and tree roots are on display.

4. Complete Immersion Lose Yourself in Color and Light: What will
take your breath away in this section will be the painted projections on Van
Gogh’s head bust and bouquet arrangements in a flower vase bust. You could
sit and watch the placement of flower bouquets switch up along free flying
butterflies moving amongst the bouquets and observe the colors of Van
Gogh’s paintings flow along his face in awe all day and be in peace with

5. The Selfie Station: Before entering The Convent (Fighting Against the
Darkness), guests can take more selfies of themselves in front of (or inside)
three display pieces; replicas of Van Gogh’s inspired Japanese print cutouts
and the interiors of both The Vestibule (1889-1890) and Bedroom at Arles
(October 1888). These pieces were created during Van Gogh’s final years of
life as his friendship with Gauguin deteriorated, his stint in a mental
institution, and his stay at the Yellow House at Arles until 1890.

6. The Convent Fighting Against the Darkness: Just when you thought
things couldn’t get more fascinating, think again. Enter the convent. Lay down
in a lawn chair and watch Van Gogh’s life flash in your eyes. Look around the
room and observe the many faces of the late artist, read, and hear his
inspirational quotes along the projections, and learn about the artist from
start to finish. Early sketches of a bedroom painting emerge on screen in
beautiful color alongside his known paintings on the walls, ocean waves crash
upon one another, flowers upon sunflower closeups, to the movement of the
sky and boat in The Starry night transport you into Van Gogh’s lively dreamy
life full of ups and downs. Closing the high lights of life came the darkness.
Once the Yellow House of Arles faded, the convent full of Van Gogh’s later
works came into play and tensions grew dark as his demons of alcohol and
mental illness took over, thus ending the short life of a true, talented artist.
Listening to the soundtrack and taking in the artistry within the projected
walls helps brings light and perspective into Van Gogh’s true madness and
talents to a new generation.

7. Color & Post with VR Experience: Concluding the entire experience,
guests can color their own Van Gogh masterpiece at the coloring booth, scan
their art in the scanner to be seen by other visitors on the projection screen,
and place their work on the decorative walls. The creations can be brought
home and shared on social media.
The Virtual Reality Experience: Highly, highly recommend paying
the extra five dollars to take part in this amazing 360-degree immersive
voyage into the day and life of Vincent Van Gogh in Arles in eight works.
You feel like an artistic video game character jumping into a new level of
life in a game. Although in this eleven-minute scenario, you’re seeing
things through the eyes of the artist and the land he lived in. Surreal, cool,
and breathtaking.

8. Last, but not least is the gift shop and a café that guests can stop at to buy a
souvenir and something to eat and drink. Guests can enter the café during the
exhibit’s open hours. Food is made by Bountiful Bread, located just a block
away from Armory Studios NY.
Van Gogh-The Immersive Experience is spectacular, breathtaking, and
remarkable. Where can you go to experience, understand, and learn the life of
Vincent Van Gogh like this in your lifetime? Let alone in the electric city of
Schenectady, NY?! If you are interested in modern art and learning about
artists in a whole new digital perspective? Van Gogh-The Immersive
Experience is the way to “Gogh”.

Van Gogh-The Immersive Experience is open and accessible for all ages. It
can be experienced through January 2,2023. More info about Van Gogh-The
Immersive Experience and where you can get tickets online or in-person can
be found at .

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