Recap: Acrobat – The International U2 Tribute Show at Cohoes Music Hall 02/25/2023 -By: Stephanie J. Bartik

Written by on February 28, 2023

Recap & Photography By: Stephanie J. Bartik

ACROBAT-The International U2 Tribute

The 17⁰ temperature and icy snow mix, didn’t keep the crowd away from Cohoes Music Hall Saturday, February 25, to see ACROBAT International U2 Tribute. And those who ventured out were treated to one of the best tributes I have seen.

I walked behind the stage to introduce myself to the band, and there I saw BONO, truly I thought it was him! Based in Toronto, Canada, and driving in from a show the night before in Horseheads, NY, they did not show any wear and tear during the high-energy show. Opening with I WILL FOLLOW the fans were hyped from the start!

BONO (Gabriel Vox) was a ball of energy as he jumped from the stage to be in the crowd, then took flight up a long staircase to the balcony, sang with the fans, back down to where the soundboard was, jumped onto a small wall between the seating and stood there singing—then ran back down and hopped on the stage. I am not sure how the lighting person was able to keep up with him as he “Energizer Bunnied” throughout the theatre. But the fans loved it!

You truly got the feeling this band treated a show with 200 in attendance the same as if there were thousands. No skimping at all. Each band member put their heart and soul in every song, and their true passion. This, is what I believe sets them apart from many others – the passion they bring to the show.
The band consisted of Gabriel Vox as Bono, Martin Chorlton as The Edge, Mark Baker as Adam Clayton and Michael Wood as Larry Mullen Jr. Each band member took on the full persona of their character.

In July of 2015, U2 fulfilled every tribute band members’ dream by having them onstage to perform in front of over 20,000 cheering fans in Toronto. When a tribute band is noticed by the original, you know they are something special!

I can tell you the background and how each member got to where they are, but you can check out their webpage at the link above. But, if you want to get a FULL ON U2 experience, FOLLOW this band!

Instead of the usual PEEKABOO with the audience, or as some say, end the show, hide behind a curtain, wait, fans cheer then reappear for an encore, they acknowledged it was the encore and stayed on stage giving the fans a non-stop show. I believe they have made many new fans, and everyone at the show was in agreement, we want them back!

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