Recap: Run Rabbit Run: A Tribute to Pink Floyd at The Linda 03/04/2023 -By Rob Smittix

Written by on March 6, 2023

Photography By: Tim Reidy

This past Saturday I (Rob Smittix) attended the SOLD OUT Run Rabbit Run (Pink Floyd Tribute) show at the The Linda (WAMC’s Performing Arts Studio) in Albany, New York. This is my take on the evening.

I’ve been so exited about this particular event for several weeks because not only do I love the music of Pink Floyd but this night was going to be sort of a family reunion for me. My mother (Marlene) as some of you may know is a lung cancer survivor and about 6 years ago she couldn’t even walk to the bathroom that was connected to her bedroom without a struggle. The good news is that my Mom has miraculously kicked the living shit out of cancer over the years and she has made a lot of progress, including not needing her oxygen tank 100% of the time. I give you this background because my Mom arranged to have my 2 uncles (Jamie & Mickey) join her and me for the Run Rabbit Run show! Unfortunately, at the last minute Mom didn’t feel up to coming out Saturday night but I did get to hang out with my uncles that I haven’t seen in a while and Mom’s ticket went to our photographer Tim Reidy. 

I got to town early and needed to stretch my legs and grab a drink for an hour or so. I found myself at The Lo-Fi on Lark Street and I only include this because the psychedelic setting and relaxed atmosphere certainly was the first highlight of the evening. Basically I was pregaming for the show. I had a couple of Schlitz cans, rolled up a terribly rolled joint and digested some colorful paper. Now it’s time to make my way up Central Avenue.

When I arrived at The Linda, I immediately ran into friends and then my uncles arrived. Even though this was a sold out show, somehow the beer/wine line moved quickly and the bartender (Deena) was a sweetheart, smiling and very courteous all night; this truly added to the experience of the evening.

So let’s talk about the music.

When Run Rabbit Run took to the stage they had a slight technical issue, I only address this because if you were there, you know but these professionals played an impromptu jam to entertain the audience and there were no complaints. The first set was a mash of Pink Floyd favorites. I absorbed the graphics into my third eye and let the music take me away. At the intermission I made my way outside and I took out my very legal but poorly rolled joint. As I inhaled, I overheard the outside crowd raving about the bands performance thus far. As I exhaled a woman remarked that she very much enjoyed the aroma that I pushed into air. This is how you make new friends people! Her name was Summer which brought a warmness into this winter night. I offered her a toke but I just asked that she wouldn’t make fun of my poor rolling skills. As we were talking a very suspicious individual with a hoodie and a clown mask invaded our space and we thought it was wise to go back inside. You can see some wild things in Albany.

Standing in line for my second beer from Deena, is when Run Rabbit Run came back to the stage. I quickly made it back to my seat with my uncles and got comfortable in the new seats that The Linda recently upgraded. You see the second set was very much anticipated because Run Rabbit Run were about to play Dark Side of the Moon in it’s entirety to honor the 50th anniversary of the album’s release.

Holy smokes! The talent and the ambition of this band is incredible. I would never even begin to fathom the idea of recreating Dark Side of the Moon, let alone execute it with justice. Although there was a video backdrop, I closed my eyes and let my imagination create the visuals. When they played the song “Money,” I actually dropped the change from my pocket on the floor during the intro, this blended in perfectly with the coins and register sample. When Lady T and Carmen Lookshire came in to share lead vocals on “The Great Gig In The Sky” the crowd was floored. It literally sent chills up my spine. What an amazing tribute to Pink Floyd which ended with an encore of “Run Like Hell.” 

Bravo and well done! 

Run Rabbit Run is:

Carl Blackwood (guitar, vocals, synths) of the band Bendt

Sean Fortune (bass, vocals, samples) of  the band Zan and the Winter Folk

Cody Bingham (drums, vocals) of the band Bendt

John Noonan (keyboards, samples) of band Son of a Gun

Jett Collura (Guitar) of Haze Riders and Against The Grayne

Lady T (vocals, percussion) of the band Embe Esti

Carmen Lookshire (Vocals) of the band TS Ensemble

Chris Russell (saxophone) of the band Mirk 




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