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The Grandstand Jockeys popped by the studio to lay down a few jams. For more info on the band… or merch CLICK HERE  

A year ago today I witnessed a UFO in the sky above Green Island, New York. Here’s the video footage!


Words By: Rob Smittix Photos By: Tim Reidy Canadian electronic indigenous musical group The Halluci Nation brought their signature sound to Troy, New York on Thursday November 2nd. The Sanctuary for Independent Media hosted this amazing event at their historic (former church) location at 3361 6th Ave. I (Rob Smittix) have driven and walked past […]

Brendan Manley – an Interview with Rob Smittix. RRX: You are the founder, the editor and the publisher of Tell us a little bit about for those that don’t know. BM: is about two years old now. It is kind of a passion project of mine. I am a former Alternative Press […]

Macy Gray – an Xperience Interview, by Rob Smittix. RRX: It’s Rob Smittix and we’re here for RadioRadio X and Xperience Monthly and I believe I have the one and only Macy Gray on the line. Hello there. MG: Hey, how are you? RRX: Great! Oh my God, it’s so good to hear your voice! […]

Friday October 27th  at The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall we celebrated 50 years of Hip Hop Music. As the program that everyone received at the theater entrance stated “In the Summer of 1973, approximately 130 miles south of Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, Clive Campbell (who would later be known as DJ Kool Herc) […]


Shooting the Breeze with Buck Dharma By: Rob Smittix. Original Publication August 2019. Growing up I heard stories from my Dad about the days when Donald Roeser (Buck Dharma) and my uncle Edward “Skip” O’Donnell would jam. The fact that such a legendary guitarist has musical-roots in this area but also ties to my family […]

Words By: Rob Smittix Photos By: Tammie Birdwell Let’s hear it for the hard working crew at Empire Live for this incredible sold out show on a vibrant Wednesday night in Downtown Albany. First off, I (Rob Smittix) can’t state enough how happy I am that Empire Live/Underground even exists now in the Capital City. […]

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