“You” and Prison Food – Spoilt

Written by on March 13, 2023

Joe Goldberg should go to prison for the rest of his life and be forced to eat nothing but cat food. But he won’t see one bit of Fancy Feast, mainly because he’s the fictional main character in the Netflix series “You.” The long and short? He’s a stalker who murders everyone in the way of “You,” his latest obsession, and when “you” find out his shit and turn on him, he kills your ass too.

Let me just say I love this show, just like the rest of you. I like Joe, and I love it when people think he’s just some nobody – guy’s got a body count bigger than the Allies in WWII. He’s smart, he’s cunning, and he cares just enough for the little guys and gals to get us thinking he’s not all bad – just misunderstood.

And in season 2, we got introduced to Love, and not long after we found out Joe and Love had matching body counts. And I just finished the latest season, Season 4, and let me half-spoil it for you by saying that, in the end, Joe does become the scumbag that we can finally recognize by… I said I’d half spoil it, didn’t I?

My horse is high, and upon it I climb. Joe should be in prison. He’s a bad guy. No one should root for Joe Goldberg, but we all do. He is not a man wracked by genuine remorse for all the death he’s laid. We would know; we’re in his head. He justifies everything he’s done and we’re there with our mouths open, ready to swallow it all down. He’s a monster. Maybe that’s the point.

Cause maybe there’s two things. Maybe there’s the stalker who terrifies your friend and the cops can’t do a thing about it. And if you threaten them, even if you beat them, you only escalate the threat. And maybe there’s the guy who just got dumped, and he’s on her profile every day, not commenting or liking, just waiting to see her in a selfie with a strange arm wrapped around her.

Stalking is weird in our society. There seems to be an acceptable level of stalking, and maybe that’s what makes Joe so magnetic, because in his mind, he’s convinced that he’s on the right side of stalking. I mean, “You” is such a guilty pleasure. Despite the absolute terror that a real-life Joe Goldberg would pose, I would recommend it. I said, Joe’s a monster. He’s the monster that comes into your coffee shop seven times a day and knows that you take the bus home.


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