The Storefront at 344 2nd Street’s Homegrown Originals Open Mic

Written by on March 12, 2023


518 Homegrown Review by Shows Leary

The Storefront at 344 2nd Street in Troy, NY holds its monthly open mic. Pile on top of that a birthday celebration for the one and only Niki Kaos and the ingredients for a big pile of organic and original jams is on the counter.

Matty D holds down the sound system as Niki Kaos and Peggy Smulsky are laying it down when Shows arrives. Peggy’s song Shopping Cart Man is on the menu and it is a good one.

Paula Price (keyboard) takes a turn. Her soulful voice deals out several songs, including I Go To Ground and Imaginary Man. Those songs are deep and powerful.

The Gloria Duo (featuring Maria on Strat and Nancy on keys) lay out an unnamed song and Only In Our Dreams, Far From Home and Far Enough. The last song highlighted a straight up rocking solo by both ladies throwing down the bars hard.

First timer Zach from Vermont is next. He is solo on acoustic guitar and has an authentic voice that has everyone’s attention. His two named songs are Trim Your Rose and Whistle On A Train. Well done.

Deb Fish and Dan Kirsner bring the country sound and look with super tight harmonies and an acoustic guitar on A Little Bit Stronger, Forever Plus A Day and Walkin’ Shoes.

Liz Conant delights on keyboards with a quirky style and songs, Sunny days, Train and another unnamed tune.

Bonus drives in with the hip hop. He is a big boy with a huge voice and throws down nonstop, even frenetic, raps to a grooving backing track. Two of his named songs were Trouble and Spiral.

John Cehowski is next. As soon as the ladies stop swooning, he keyboards the heck out of his songs Lift Your Eyes and A House Is Not A Home.

Ian Losz closes out the night. Unfortunately, Shows had to leave so he missed that set. Ian was the feature talent last month so you can be sure he played well tonight.

Kudos to Matt Warner and Jean Tansey for having such a cool venue and letting everyone bring food, enjoy the company and groove on some amazing artistic talent. And don’t forget, this venue is also an art gallery. There was plenty to check out between acts.

This original music open mic happens the 1st Sunday of every month in Troy, NY with the feature act starting at 5pm. For more information, visit the Facebook page for 344 2nd Street.

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