Cat Power Channels Dylan

Written by on September 14, 2023

Singer-songwriter Cat Power has recently done the amazing. She has resurrected Bob Dylan. Yes, I know Bob Dylan isn’t actually dead, and what she resurrected was a famous concert of his. Powers hasn’t commented on whether or not she will resurrect Bob Dylan himself should that cloud one day darken our doorsteps.

Bob Dylan doesn’t really need to be mentioned. Well, actually, he does, figuring he’s one half of the subject matter here. So since we’re mentioning Bob Dylan, we’ll say that there’s two sides with listeners. Some people don’t like his singing voice. It’s unique, of course, and it’s not for everyone. On the other side of the coin, he’s a brilliant songwriter and always has been. So much so that Jimi Hendrix, no slouch himself, carried Bob Dylan’s song book everywhere.

Dylan had a famous performance called the 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert. Would it surprise you to hear that this concert was not performed at the Royal Albert Hall at all, but at the Manchester Free Trade Hall? I know, right? We stand surprised. It was the bootleg that was mislabeled.

One highlight of this concert was that Dylan caught flack from the audience when he plugged in electric. That’s music history gold, of course, known to anyone who’s ever read anything about music. They called Dylan “Judas” and Jesus, also in attendance, confirmed later that Bob Dylan was not, in fact, Judas, reincarnated or otherwise.

So Cat Power has resurrected the 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert. It is album, it is for sale, and she’s letting it go on November 10th via Domino Music. And this is a full-on recreation, almost to the Judas thing, where, instead of that, someone yelled “play it f**kin loud” (how times have changed.)

She’s going to be re-recreating the 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert Cat Power at the Troubadour in Los Angeles on November 6th and 7th.

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