Muppets Music, Kermit and Tea

Written by on September 15, 2023

Muppets Music.

Muppets are cool. Wow, way to come out of the gate with some controversy. Yes, Muppets are cool. They’re cool in a very transcendent way. I’m looking at the downslope of the hill if I glance back, I see me in front of the television, five years old, watching Muppets (actually, at three, I watched “Attack of the Killer Bees” which is where my anxiety disorder began, sure as shit.)

I don’t know every Muppet. I’m not a Muppet aficionado, and my fondness for Muppets came from seeing them first run (first run on cable), not the neo-nostalgia that brings things back from creative obscurity, like Care Bears, and just about everything 80s. But I am a passionate supporter of anything that brings people together, and the Muppets have always done that. Except Kermit and the tea. He went a certain way. I heard he was big into the mercury before they changed how they made felt. Yeah, Kermit is way older than that show. He was like eighty when Muppets started in ’55. Him and Miss Piggy was less interspecies controversy and more Lolita controversy.

One of the cool things about the Muppets were the musicals, and not just because the Muppets can really groove (they can), but because some of the best musicians going joined along in song. We have Joan Baez, Lena Horne, Liza Minelli, and countless others. And maybe the best part of Muppets Music wasn’t that the humans sang. Big whoop, right? They sing. That’s their 9-to-5. But they took part in what was happening on the show with their cast members. It must really be a trip to talk to Muppets. Do you forget you’re talking to a puppet at some point? Like you’re saying something personal and you look over and see Kermit the Frog lying there on a chair and you’re like “sh*t, I hope he didn’t hear that.”

So here is an article from Brooklyn Vegan with 32 Memorable “Muppet Show” Musical Moments (Yeah, I could’ve just listed them out, but Brooklyn Vegan writers went to school, and I was bust smoking cigarettes on the roof (true story, more on that.)

32 Memorable ‘Muppet Show’ Musical Moments

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