Steve Hackett – Genesys Revisited – a Review by Dick Beach

Written by on October 17, 2023

Steve Hackett – Genesys Revisited – Foxtrot at 50

The Town Hall, Oct 14 2003 NYC

A Review by Dick Beach.

Well DAMN – that was some sh*t!

At 50 years gone, the 1972 Genesys release Foxtrot is at least as vibrant and innovative as that long ago.  The Town Hall was built in 1921 and is one of the venerable spaces in NYC.  Not a large space, the orchestra section only goes to the letter U – which is where we sat.  There are advantages.  The view is great, the sound is great and you and flip up the seat, prop on that and lean against the back wall.  Just what a guy my age appreciated.

The view was a sea of mostly grey and bald (self included) and a mix that we thought fascinating as the mix of male to female was closer than at most prog shows.  A really great, friendly affable crowd who were more than appreciative.

If you are, perhaps, wondering why this review comes from NYC rather than the recent date in Albany.  Simple, escape was planned and the show was there.  Simple.

Now, the show.  With his 5 piece band, Steve Hackett proved that his talent has not diminished.  The first half of the show was some newer material – energetic, tight and musical.  That 50ish minute set received a great reception and was a real treat – I would defy anyone to not find it energizing.

The second set was Foxtrot – start to finish. If you are not familiar with this gem – order it up and press play.  Musical, filled with changes and songs you will find familiar, event if you don’t know why.  Powerful!

With the exception of one acoustic piece, Hackett played a single guitar – a vintage Les Paul with a gold top.  The was it.  No changing, not messing around – straight up guitar genius.  Fascinatingly, in each set, he never had to tune his axe.  One of the techs likely freshened it during the 15 minute break – but that a vintage piece would be that in tune over an extended period of time tells you how well maintained it is.

Staging and lights were spot on and certainly not overdone.  The sound was superbe – never over playing the house and well mixed.

When you can – go further afield for shows.  Get out of your comfort zone (although being barely on the West side is not unfamiliar territory).  Take a chance, book a show, find a reasonably priced place (there are many in NYC) and hop on AMTRAK.  No fuss, no muss.  Now, there evening would have been absolutely perfect were it not for Jimmy’s Corner (a boxing heavy joint on the other side of the block) were not completely packed for the Middleweight championship fight.

Steve Hackett – Guitars and vocals

Ned Sylvan – Vocals

Roger King – Keyboards

Rob Townsend – Sax, flute, percussion and Keys and vocals

Jonas Reingold – Bass Guitar, 12 string and vocals

Craig Blundell – Drums and vocals

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