Mortal Enslavement – Thanks for Asking

Written by on November 8, 2023

Mortal Enslavement – Thanks for Asking, by Liam Sweeny.

We connect with local Blackened Tech Death Metal band Mortal Enslavement. Here was our connection.

RRX: Every comic book hero has an origin story. What is the origin story for the band? points if you tell it like a comic book origin.

ME: So it started about ten years ago. Aaron and I were riffing out and wanted to start a band. I had met Jeff a few times as did Aaron. We sent out on a quest for shredding with a sprinkle of mean mug riffs. After many moons of finding the order of the chaos that are the tracks we play live. We were in search of a vocalist. We had some come and go and then Frank showed up like the step brothers and said I’m here to f*** sh** up and leave! Uriah shortly followed after the prior bassist we had Thomas said he was dying and then said he wanted to play rugby and now just goes to hockey games on Fridays. The journey continues with me, Arron, Uriah and Frank to look for a drummer that can blast through 5 minute tracks 🙃🤠

RRX: Every band’s first song is a milestone. But so is the latest song. Describe the first song/album you recorded, and also the latest song/album you recorded; what are the differences?

ME: So the first song we did was Necrobaptism. We had gone with a doom infused sort of in your face death metal approach. The latest song is Sanguinary and I feel like that one brought out the aggressive side of musical taste but overall the songs I feel definitely carry their own identity in the realm of falling into subgenres of metal.

RRX: Like songs, every band has a unique feeling about their first show. What was your first show like? Was it your best show? If not, what was your best show like?

ME: So the first show was a basement show in Rotterdam and it was super fun and was peak Covid. That definitely helped carry the defying the odds attitude. The best part of that show was probably just the experience in itself. The people surrounding the local support were super nice and made you feel right at home. I’m always truly shocked at the response we received at any show. I say this because we literally have just done what we enjoy doing and people legitimately like it. That alone is enough to feel like we were at the shows we were for a reason. The basement show will always be our best because it was a defining moment for us because it was an opportunity to play what we’ve worked on to other people.

RRX: Music genres are difficult for some bands. Some strictly adhere; others not so much. What is your perspective on the genre you play, or the genres you hover around?

ME: Biggest thing is being consistent in media nowadays and FaceTime in all of it try to do what you can when you can to give back just as much as you put in.

RRX: It’s a lot of fun living in the present, but we all collect memories and give birth to dreams. We’re talking dreams here. Where you see yourself next year? In the next five years?

ME: I’d love to be producing music for multiple bands in our local area and playing shows in Mortal Enslavement. I’m trying to defy the stereotypes of how society thinks you need to live in order to survive.

RRX: We all get a little support from those around us. And we also can be impressed by our fellow bands. Who do you admire in your community, and why?

ME: I think I would have to say I pretty much just admire anybody who is consistently pushing themselves as a band member, or a promoter, or a security guard or anybody who fully commits to devoting some level of time out of their lives to make the scene what it is, it’s a pretty amazing thing and I don’t think that it would be what it is without every single person that is involved in that scene. That shit is a hustle that is just on another level from any type of job or her career you could have I mean just thinking about the level of dedication you have to have if you were to be a touring musician, it is absolutely insane and anybody that can do it all at any level has my upmost respect. If there’s one thing that all these genres in all anybody that’s in the music scene it all has in common. It’s that you have to grind on that level in order to go anywhere. It’s hard enough to coordinate to get five dudes in the same room to practice. Haha

Their 2022 EP “Menticide” is available on streaming platforms as well as a new single “Sanguinary”.


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