Liam Sweeny

Surf rock is a very fun kind of music. It’s energetic, irreverent, and it’s persisted throughout the decades. Its guitar sounds are iconic, you can hear it mixed with three other musics at the same time and you’ll be able to pick it out. And its transcended beach and board to become a true facet […]

There’s a magic in music, a mysticism, only less in the way of sorcery, and more in the way that a bonfire is mystical. But at its heart, music is a communication. Whether it’s a call to your mind with moving, or novel chord progressions, or the simple backgrounds overlayed by a smooth voice telling […]

So you’re at the show. She’s on stage singing her head-off, and the band backing her is liquid fire, as is the drink you just ordered from the bar during the summer festival the city puts on, why the girl singing her head off is onstage in the first place, a delicious little interplay between […]

Music is performance. It’s feeling and meaning. All true. Some people get up on stage determined to put on a show. Others get on stage to tap into that thing that’s greater than us all and wrestle its voice. They play because they love playing and would play in a dark room if there was […]

Music is an alter ego. Even when you use your own name and wear your own face, when you go up on that stage, you become somebody else. You become a performer. No matter how absolutely zen you are, you shift your mindset into that of the best musician you can be. And that persona […]

There is something in music that’s greater than three chords and 4/4 time. Okay, so even within music there’s something better than that. But what I mean is that, what comes from voices and instruments really summons a thing, a spirit, if you will, and those who take up their voices and those instruments conjure […]

RRX: Many people take classical instrument lessons when they grow up, few pursue it, and you have. And not only have you beat the odds, you’re pretty much one of the people boosting the odds for others. How do you think you were able to beat the odds and wind up with a classical career? […]

Crime fiction can be misunderstood. It can be seen as just a lowly wordsmith letting his most depraved fantasies loose on the pages. This is rarely the case. Crime fiction is a mirror that crime fiction writers hold in front of the world. “Crime” is simply defined as the breaking of law, stealing is stealing. […]

Looking at art, there may be two camps. There may be more, but we’ll look at two. One is using a visual medium to relay some grand idea. This can be so varied as to really dodge a specific classification. This is the statement “art is what you want it to be.” The other kind […]

RRX: The Velmas have gotten a lot of accolades in our region, including “Best Alternative Band” and “Best Rock Band” by Metroland. You have your own acolytes, the “Velmites.” Considering how hard it is for any band to make it these days, I think props are in order. So, ordered. And I’ll ask; what’s the […]

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