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Coming to America. Maybe it’s already here. I don’t know what you 18-24 set are into, and I’m okay with that. You do you and send me postcards. But I think the thing I’m about to tell you is way bigger in Vietnam than it is here. Loyalty Testing. Very simple premise. You suspect your […]

What I love is truth in advertising. If I buy a CD from a band named Death Stompers and I hear a piccolo and a butterfly beat, I have to call some serious BS. I think we all do judge a book by its cover and a band by its name, and it’s really on […]

This story had me scratching my head a little, and not because of fleas. Star of the show is Toco, a Japanese man who spent the equivalent of $20,000 to become a dog. So yeah, okay, it was a costume, but as you have already seen the picture, you could pardon me for thinking he […]

The Xperience Monthly’s Liam Sweeny interviewed artist Troy Raines about the love of hand drawing.  

We reached out to Belle-Skinner to explore the depths of her music. This is her story. RRX: Every comic book hero has an origin story. What is the origin story for the band? (points if you tell it like a comic book origin.) BS: Everyone is always curious about where the name Belle-Skinner comes from, […]

We reached out to Peter Pallis of the band AnAkA, who will be playing at the upcoming Rock and Oddities Con. This is their story. RRX:  I’m listening to the song “Ominous Visions” on your site. I love the concept, the graphics. And in metal, the apocalypse is never far from being at hand. Ruin, […]

RRX: You are Old North End. I’m guessing that it has to do with some area, maybe in Burlington. But I can imagine all I want. Better to get it from you. What does Old North End refer to? And was it an obvious choice for a name, or was it something that everybody mulled […]

With Rock and Oddities Con coming in the end of October, we thought we’d pre-game with the band Lock 9. So we had questions. RRX: So let’s get caught up, first. You had an EP released in July, titled, accordingly, “ReLEASE.” I’m listening to one of the tracks on it, “Nowhere.” It’s got a really […]

Wet Specimens Interview. We reached out to Colin from the band Wet Specimens. I had questions, and he had answers.  RRX: Your demo is great, raw, and I usually don’t see demos on Bandcamp. Was there a particular reason you put the demo on Bandcamp, considering how much you’ve done since then? And can you […]

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