Liam Sweeny

RRX: The Velmas have gotten a lot of accolades in our region, including “Best Alternative Band” and “Best Rock Band” by Metroland. You have your own acolytes, the “Velmites.” Considering how hard it is for any band to make it these days, I think props are in order. So, ordered. And I’ll ask; what’s the […]

Drums are very guttural to the human experience. You could say that it is something that was one of the first elements of music, even from hunter-gatherer days. Throughout history, warring armies were at a disadvantage if they didn’t have a drummer. But even more than that, life itself has a beat; the heart itself. […]

Driven. That’s Mark Emanatian. Since March 2020, when the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, he has built a coalition that has organized mass food distributions feeding over 250,000 people in our area.  He plays in a few bands, among them Soul Sky and The Lawn Sausages. He does a lot, some of which we know, and much […]

RRX: You all are from Greenwich or the surrounding areas, and my apologies if there are any commuters. Greenwich, that whole area, has a certain feel to it. I spent some time there, enough to say that I’ve seen the Tractor Parade. I was one of maybe a thousand, which surprised me. What’s the music […]

RRX: Nickopotamus has a pretty diverse sound. So it’s something to let people know, because they may only hear one of your songs, and not really get a full sense of your sound. If people could only hear one song, which one do you recommend and why? AF: Wow, that’s a really hard question! I’ve […]

We have a strange relationship with darkness. We get a kick out of zombies and mummies on Halloween, but we fear flesh-eating diseases and terminal illnesses. We run from dark things, and turn to face them, and explore them, when they’re trapped in the cellulite of film, or infused in the fibers of paper pulp […]

Some actors are known for just one thing. Other actors have been in so many things, they’re just known. And some actors, to each of us, occupy that middle ground, in that you see them everywhere, but they’ll always be that one role to you. If you watch TV and movies, you know Jim Beaver. […]

It seems like with everything, there’s an establishment, and there’s an anti-establishment. In music, there are huge conglomerate record labels, and there are Indie labels. In the book world, it’s no different. Behind the scenes, you have about five major publishers that dominate your local bookstores, and a wild west of indie publishers. And one […]

Whether it’s a song lyric, a visual motif, a short piece of flash fiction, a movie, or a play, all art tells a story. But whereas almost every form of abovementioned art can be reproduced and spread far and wide, some forms lose something. A live show’s not the same as a recording. But a […]

Food is beyond fuel. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t need eighty percent of what’s in our supermarkets. It is our comfort, our passion, and our obsession, for good or bad. And the people who provide us this food, should we not simply cook at home, are largely unseen and unsung. Ric Orlando is a chef […]

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