Liam Sweeny

I suck at writing articles. If any truth ever came from these keys on this keyboard, it is that. I’m awful. They always come out like essays. I even took a journalism course in college. But I took a lot of things in college, so I don’t remember it. So if you’ll indulge me, maybe […]

One music that never fails to soothe me is Celtic music. I can just feel the stress and the tension of the day wash off, and something crisp and green take its place. It is always welcome, and in turn always welcoming, and there’s a heaviness and a frivolity that can dance with each other. […]

As a writer, not like this, but as a fiction writer, it’s my job to describe a character and make you love them or hate them. If you’re indifferent to them, back to the drawing board. But an actor has to become another person and make you love them or hate them. Infinitely harder, mostly […]

There are writers’ writers, just like there are guitarists’ guitarists and pimps’ pimps. A writer’s writer is not, make no mistake, an affront to the reader, or solely focused on some void philosophical notion of craft. No, they are actually so beloved by their readers that other writers gather ‘round their campfire and want to […]

Hollywood on the Hudson. This is a broad description, maybe even beyond the bounds of our delivery trucks, but we’re a big part of it around here. This area’s got something, something beyond pretty streets and shiny buildings. We have a passion here for creativity that has kept this paper in interviews for years. The […]

Photo By: Jim Wertman Heavy metal is gleaming imagination. Pushed to the margins of society, it has lain seed at the margins and climbed beanstalks to play scribes to giants. One of the bands I got into early was Megadeth. They sang about magic and aliens and nukes and it just blew my mind. It’s […]

If you’ve ever achieved anything, really achieved, you got two ways to go about it. You can pull it out at parties, or at the convenience store by your house, and make sure everyone you know knows your claims to fame. You could also sum up a lifetime others would dream about by saying you […]

Photo By: Robert Cooper Jr. There are over 170,000 words in the English language. And the human mouth can make close to 800 distinct sounds. It’s nothing that we think about, but as an instrument, the mouth is more versatile than just about any other. And in the world of music, it is hip hop […]

As a writer, I’m fascinated by film and shows, television and movies. Actors are wizards to me, able to say a line in a sentence, in a way that might take me ten pages to create in a book. It’s the moment. It’s the character that we fall in love or hate with, executed so […]

Writing’s tough. I should know. It took me a whole cup of coffee just to write the following interview. But you know who has it worse than writers? Publishers. At best, they’re given treasured flowers they have to grow; at worse, they have acres of weeds to dig through. And if they’re looking for the […]

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