Liam Sweeny

Writing’s tough. I should know. It took me a whole cup of coffee just to write the following interview. But you know who has it worse than writers? Publishers. At best, they’re given treasured flowers they have to grow; at worse, they have acres of weeds to dig through. And if they’re looking for the […]

Photo by Raeanne Wright Music is entertainment. It is also telepathy. It is the sharing of experience that defies words, even when words accompany the rhythms and melodies. We share experiences because we realize that what we go through can be beautiful and ugly and either way it can inspire more than just us. I […]

When we think of the creative world, we think of the artists and the musicians, the writers and the sculptors. We might think of the venues, that cool club or the concert hall that’s the talk of the town, but there are other people out there who form the structure upon which the creative word […]

There’s a universe that operates on a natural law of rhythm, of galaxies spinning on the turntable of a black hole and the intricate interplay of planets passing by, moons revolving in such a way we could set our watch to them, and in a way, we do. And on this planet, there are trenches. […]

It seems like there are two ways to know music, at least in the case where there’s singing involved. One is that the music is so distinct, so recognizable, that the singing can be all over the place and you’ll still always know that band by the sound. Then it’s the opposite, with a singer’s […]

Fun bands are great. It’s strange, in that some bands, you listen to their music and lyrics and you feel so light that you don’t realize how difficult the music might be to put together. Like they say; the great ones make it look easy. And it’s refreshing to have a music that just does […]

Some music is misunderstood. In the fifties and sixties, older generations didn’t understand rock ‘n’ roll. And in the thirties, preachers had a problem with blues. But metal has seldom been understood throughout the generations. And the cool thing is that metal actually enjoys it. Defiance to the norm is on the underside of every […]

Music soothes us, and when we’re having a lousy day, it can be our sole source of healing. But it can also be a steam vent. It is always an outlet for the performer, and sometimes it’s the only way we have of understanding the pain of someone we can’t see eye-to-eye with. And we […]

Some people are amazing at one thing. And other people are not bad at a few things. And still others have a talent and a passion for everything they do, and in the spirit of life-long exploration, they do a whole lot of things. Richard Gladys (a.k.a. City Rich) had graced the cover of every […]

Some people in music have a curriculum vitae. A body of accomplishments that, in my case, makes it difficult for me to focus on just one thing. Also, for them as well, I imagine. And it’s difficult, when a performer has had multiple successful projects, to just hone in on one. And add to that […]

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