Mild Wally – Thanks for Asking

Written by on November 9, 2023

Mild Wally – Thanks for Asking, by Liam Sweeny.

Many egregious thanks for once again joining us in “Thanks for Asking.” Today we ask the recently new band Mild Wally some questions. Enjoy.

RRX: Every comic book hero has an origin story. What is the origin story for the band? (points if you tell it like a comic book origin.)

MW: So we started our official band last December. My brother who’s the guitar player, was in bands previously years ago and me the singer had always wanted to start a band or join one. We finally came together and made it happen and Mild Wally was born.

RRX: Every band’s first song is a milestone. But so is the latest song. Describe the first song/album you recorded, and also the latest song/album you recorded; what are the differences?

MW: Our first song recorded and released was “Champagne Shits” and it was such a milestone for us and myself personally. Being the first song I ever wrote in its entirety. We didn’t have nearly as good as equipment on that first track but was such a cool feeling to go through the entire process and have the final product out there for people to hear. Our latest at the moment is “Squeege Henderson” and I believe we took a big jump in audio quality and just having more experience made the recording process a lot smoother. We’re excited to share a lot more in the near future.

RRX: Like songs, every band has a unique feeling about their first show. What was your first show like? Was it your best show? If not, what was your best show like?

MW: we’re still fairly new so we haven’t played a lot of shows but our first one was a very last minute one. We were asked to play with 2 hours notice and we couldn’t turn it down. We were probably a little hard on ourselves but considering the lack of notice we had a great time and gained great experience when it comes to playing in front of a crowd.

RRX: Music genres are difficult for some bands. Some strictly adhere; others not so much. What is your perspective on the genre you play, or the genres you hover around?

MW: We label ourselves as strictly emo. But our style is influenced by pop punk, Midwest emo and even some hard rock.

RRX: It’s a lot of fun living in the present, but we all collect memories and give birth to dreams. We’re talking dreams here. Where you see yourself next year? In the next five years?

MW: By next year we plan to have a full length album out and play a lot more shows as we gain momentum. By 5 years I would love to get the chance to open for some bigger bands and possibly even bands that influenced us during this time.

RRX: We all get a little support from those around us. And we also can be impressed by our fellow bands. Who do you admire in your community, and why?

MW: We admire Young Culture. As a local band themselves we’ve created a relationship with the singer Alex and he’s been such a big inspiration for us as we get better and better with more exposure. Also big fans of State Champs another local pop punk band.


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