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10-50 Nightmare, as seen through the cold eyes of Dave Seiden vocals. Members: Drums – Ben Hall; Guitar – Brian Bullard; Bass – Adam Thornton; Voices – Dave Seiden. Interview by Liam Sweeny.

DS: The best laid plans of mice and men…” I don’t really know the quote, but I know this one; sh*t happens. When we least expect it, calamity befalls us. Sometimes just comic inconvenience. Please tell us a story about some comic inconvenience that happened to you whilst performing

10-50: So this was a show with one of my old bands at P4th in Troy, paying with Gunther Weezul. I’m talking to some people one of them being Adam of Gunther. This chick comes out of nowhere and she’s being off. And off for me is pretty damn off.  She interrupted my conversation and seemed like she was quite interested in me and you could tell it wasn’t in a normal kinda way. When you looked into the her empty eyes that didn’t blink accompanied by a expressionless; face behind those eyes you could see there was a lot going on the complete opposite of what you saw on the outside except the erratic almost dance like movements. I don’t remember what she said to me but it was obvious she wanted this dick.  After she moved on, Adam says to me ‘stay far away from her, you don’t even know.’ I replied ‘yeah, no shit.’ And then he says ‘no really man, you want nothing to do with that.’

Fast forward. We are on stage my band at the time was Accusations Of The Insane. I’m dead in the middle of a long ass scream around 15-20 seconds into it and out of the corner of my eye is Murray the bass player with an evil f**king smirk on his face. I’ve seen this many times but I don’t know what the deal is. I’m now looking right at him as I’m still in the middle of the scream. I turn my head and look back to the crowed and out of nowhere f**king Murray blasts me in the sack in a baaaddd way. The sound that came out was fucking hilarious to say the least.  I immediately dropped. Good thing it was the end of the song.  The next song he got his. I’m going to skip that to try to keep it short. The following song this is the 2nd song after I had been ball blasted by the ape fist of Murray. The pit circle is open, song has started. There is a chick on all fours crawling towards the stage from the far side of the pit circle. Everything is the same except now she has a smile on her face that doesn’t move doesn’t go away. She gets to the stage and crawls up it to right center of where I’m standing she is still on her knees her head at my waist level. She starts to sway her body and grabs each of my legs as I’m singing. Then. This b*tch bites down on my dick.  I mean lick lock jaw 5-10 seconds. My dick had now officially felt defeated. She got grabbed up and idk what happened to her after that.  But yeah, mice and men shit…

DS: What do you think is the most poorly understood thing about music, or the music you play?

10-50: Lyrics. Not all lyrics are literal and they are not what a lot of people think they are. I many cases you have to look at the whole story and determine what it’s really about. And you might get it. It’s all about your perception  and how you as your own person relate to what you are hearing. In many of my lyrics there are multiple meanings sometimes up to 4  and they coincide but you can swear its about one thing when really it’s up to you how you perceive it. The music for me will always set the background.  In a lot of my lyrics you can look at it as wow that’s f**ked up to say but it’s really just an observation of how f**ked up shit is and can be because we become a product of our environment.

RRX: My singer punched my drummer out. Memorable moment, though nothing to brag about. But we have these things that, when summing up your endeavor, an incident comes to mind. What do you got? Answered by brian

BB: Brought what I believed was a good friend to my show. He drank some liquor nearing the end of my show, was rare of him. He became a cocky tough guy, more than his usual asshole self and started talking shit to people. Another good friend of mine stepped in and tried to de-escalate. He took offense and was about to throw punches at my friend. I stepped in-between them and moved him back from everyone. Told him to chill out as no one was looking to fight him and there’s 4 cops across the street that are watching. He paused for 3 secs, looked me dead in my eyes a punched me in the face. Well, that pissed me off and I popped him back sending him to the ground. And I had a moment of clarity, so I engaged as he wished. I unloaded on him as my girlfriend and others were on my back trying to pull me off of him. Then I see the cops coming across the street, I had no plans on entertaining that shit. I walked into the side door of the bar and exited out the front. Ditching the cops and roaming aimlessly around Albany while my band and my girl moved my gear into my car. Turns out I knocked my friend out and broke his cheek bone. The next day I was at another friends house watching friends bands playing. He shows up with his face all swollen, black eyes with blood vessel blood red eyes. Everyone is all concerned and asking what happened. Then he had to swallow his pride and just said Bullard f**ked me up…….priceless…..

RRX: Playing out is tricky because you never know what’s going to happen when you get there. Sometimes everything goes wrong. What was your worst show like?

AT: It was my old bands first time playing live,  our singer/guitarist liked to get drunk hours before the show and went psychotically off time 1.5 seconds into the first song and It was a horrid show from then on, I wanted to run after our set. On a positive note,  any stage fright I ever had died that night,  now I could play In my underwear and not give a shit.

RRX: What would you like fans to know before they come to see you play? (No basic stuff; get specific.)

DS: You can’t expect anything. We are going to match what you give us. It’s the fans that set it off not us. You want to get violent lets go. You want to do some freaky shit we got you covered. You want to have a good time let’s do it.  We are not grounded by a specific kind of metal we like to mix it up. Anything goes. We are here to make music for our self  first. If others like it that is the biggest reward. A lot of our material will be relatable. .  In a lot of my lyrics you can look at it as wow that’s f**ked up to say but it’s really just an observation of how f**ked up shit is and can be because we become a product of our environment  and that environment is by design of the invisible cage we are trapped in.  We recognize the struggle of times. The feeling that sometimes it’s not worth going on, how many times can you get f**ked beyond your control, how this world is f**ked but how the few of all of us can make it a little better for one another; for it is people that=shit and individuals that stay core no matter how bad it gets and that leaves us hope one day our dreams can be a reality.  You can expect something different from us.

RRX: Music genres are difficult for some artists. Some strictly adhere; others not so much. What is your perspective on the genre you play, or the genres you hover around?

BH: I listen to many different styles of music. The genre of music that I play doesn’t necessarily reflect that. Though there may be cues of different rhythmic elements from different styles, the heaviness of the guitar riffs  ultimately overshadow these elements. This is how I think we would get placed in the “Metal” genre. A lot of my approach to the drum set is geared towards physical involvement. This would be a second deciding factor that places us in our particular genre. Being as appreciative as we are of heavy sounding music, we really wouldn’t have it any other way.



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