Consider the Source with Bella’s Bartok at Putnam Place – Photos

Written by on November 11, 2023

Consider the Source with Bella’s Bartok at Putnam Place, Photos by Tammie Birdwell.

On Thursday, November 9th, I attended one of the most brilliant team-ups in the history of lineups — Consider the Source and Bella’s Bartok. These two bands create hands down some of the most unique, entertaining, and astonishing music you have ever heard.

Bella’s Bartok opened things up with their usual high-energy “kaleidoscope of sound.” As usual, they were absolute perfection — down to their glitter and their outfits. No one was sitting down. The entire place was shaking their booties, including myself. It made taking the photos in the gallery below difficult, but not impossible.

Next up was Consider the Source. I have seen this band over a dozen times. I have heard their acoustic set. I have sat down and interviewed them. I can confirm they are human beings. However, after hearing last night just how far their music has come in the past year or so, I have started to have doubts. Before last night, I would have said Consider the Source is a trio of brilliant musicians at the top of their game.

Well, after hearing that set last night I can definitively say that I didn’t think those sounds were possible — by a human, machine, alien or anything else. I don’t know how they leveled up, but Consider the Source still has me shaking my head a full 24 hours later because they blew my mind.

If you are sleeping on seeing either of these bands, you are seriously missing out on some of the best music you will ever hear and some of the most fun you will ever have.



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