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Written by on November 29, 2023

Prog Digest Musings – by Klyde Kadiddlehumper.

The absurd and amusing are staples of the Prog Digest.  And as time goes on, the shear quantity demands that some of the overflow has a place.  So – welcome to the first of the musings that will crop up from time to time.

The photo attached to this bit – ummmm – piece – is well placed and just too nuts to be believed.

Let’s go back 30ish years.  Monday nights were always Howard Cosell, Frank Gifford and Dandy Don Meridith. Absurd enough.

Last evening – took the cake.  No, not the game.  No, not Troy and Joe.  A commercial.

It was a commercial for a watch company.  Lot’s of people drawing things (watches), assembling things (watches).  Lovely interior and exterior shots.  Very well produced.

The company is from Detroit.  Lovely to see that there is another company in the, now, up and coming city of Detroit.

However – the name of the company.  A purchased copyright from a NY company.  An iconic company from Rochester.

That had nothing to do with watches.

The brand………wait for it.


Apparently, they don’t know the difference between watches and Shinola.  Maybe they were influenced by Underdog and his alter ego Shoe Shine Boy.  Perhaps someone was watching a Steve Martin movie.

Come on people – this is no way to spit shine your image.

Until next time.



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