Klyde Kadiddlehumper

Prog Digest. When sitcoms were sitcoms, Happy Days was mega popular. It was not on my personal list most of the time, but I get it. You know, good old-fashioned American values TV (wonder what that would look like today, but I digress). We love Henry Winkler, he is, by account, a wonderful man and […]

The Prog Digest. Be vewy, vewy quiet. We’re hunting wabbits! Where in the Sam Hill is this going? What massive rabbit hole am I getting into? Well, got to thinkin’ – more a thought came to mind. Someone once, an adult even, mentioned that they didn’t get the whole Easter Bunny thing. Why a bunny? […]

Prog Digest After a lengthy hiatus – it is the triumphant return of Klyde Kadiddlehumper! Yes indeed – rising from the….oh, no – wait. Didn’t actually rise from much further than my couch, but that was a story in and of itself. Now, where was I…..? Foraging. In the strictest sense, foraging is really a […]

Well now. When someone says the word Prog (more formally Progressive Music/Rock) – what comes to mind?  A bunch of crazy people noodling around in some incomprehensible musical space? Perhaps Rush. Perhaps ELP. But where did this all come from? Let’s take a step back. Mozart was considered progressive and, as it was once said, […]

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