Her Dying Wish

Written by on December 20, 2023

Her Dying Wish — a story by Liam Sweeny.

A sad story is never what I’m aiming for when I set out to write these dump, stupid, weird stories for you all. Snake meat on pizza? Sure. A dog running for mayor? Lead with that, absolutely. But this one is a really tough one, and you’ll probably have feelings about it. And if you’re married, you’ll definitely have feelings about it.

A dying woman has a wish. Her name doesn’t matter, nor does whatever malady she’s dying from. It’s only the wish she asked of her husband of ten years that’s important. The wish? That he’d let her sleep with one of her exes.

She explained to him that this particular ex was the most sexually compatible person she was ever with. And while she had better emotional sex with her husband, sometimes it was just a physical thing.

I’m hesitating to add this, because it shouldn’t matter, but her terminal state will consist of four- to five months in a wheelchair before she’ll inevitably become bedridden in the last weeks of her life, and all of that could happen sooner.

So obviously, the husband feels betrayed, pissed, and without anyone to turn to who could actually help him with the situation, unless he wanted to go to the ex, which he didn’t.

I am unbetrothed, but I can definitely feel the nuances of this. On the one hand, he loves his wife, and would probably grant any wish of hers that was a dying wish, even something that stabbed him in the heart. On the other hand, why would you risk someone that loves you and is going to care for you for the rest of your shortening life to get a really good piece of ass? And in nowhere I read did it say the ex even wanted anything to do with her. This isn’t a ‘go to the grand canyon’ bucket list item.

So what say you all? I’m going to go against what I think will be the grain and say I’ll let her try.


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