Knuckles Brimm – Interview – “A Hot Minute”

Written by on December 26, 2023

We reached out to Knuckles Brimm, who was kind enough to let us pick his brain. Interview by Liam Sweeny.

RRX: We all get into creative pursuits for different reasons. Some people get into music and the arts to escape; for some, it’s a natural outlet. What was music, and creativity in the larger sense, for you?

KG: Definitely my escape & way to vent. Nowadays people don’t care about your struggles and love isn’t genuine so I deal with my pain and emotions in records. I was an athlete when I was young so being in that spotlight is familiar for me

RRX: Where was the first place you felt comfortable performing? People talk about places where they cut their teeth musically. Where was that for you? And does that place, or that scene still exist, or was it lost to time?

KG: Can’t lie; I’ma Say Brooklyn, My bro D Chambers & my manager, Fortune had me doing A lot of show cases in the beginning of my career to build my stage presence & help me network with The Burroughs, being I’m from upstate. Nah of course the memories stay. Gotta always remember where you started from!!

RRX: Music is both word and note, beat and measure, and message. If your music was laid out like a story, what’s the main character like? What’s the plot? And what’s one of the big moments that turned the story around?

KG: The main character is a diamond in the rough, talented, damaged artist stuck in a city full of distractions and temptations. A dead end with negative energy to take dreams away. Hustling relentless to make sure his family is provided for and finally bring that spotlight to a city so dark . Having three daughters and 25 & losing too many genuine friends will put you in a different mode.

RRX: Creative people move culture, especially musical performers. We have to thread the circumstances in our lives in a way to affect others. And this is sometimes a responsibility put on us. How do you, specifically, move culture?

KG: Honestly, you have to put yourself in other peoples’ shoes and learn to relate with people In more ways than just music, small things like fitness motivation, is just power and great way to open more ways for people to gravitate towards you. I feel like I also take the personal responsibility to show my city the way as I learn it myself musically.

RRX: Music is a good traveling companion. Play it in a car on that long ride and the miles disappear. But you gotta have something to play. You have something out, maybe more than one thing – can you tell us about some of it?

KG: I always had the mindset of; if you can only do one lane and not be versatile you will not make it far in music. All the legends find ways to work on all different melodies and genres. I personally have 3 lanes of music I do, drill, melodic & real 90s NY rap. Feel it only betters my craft and if I ever get complacent or bored I just work on the next genre. how I stay so consistent. I’ve dropped over 8-10 mixtapes and albums Past 2-3 years .

RRX: One of the biggest challenges musicians face is getting their name out there. There’s so much competition, and technology makes it possible for everyone to be out there with a well-produced offering. What’s your favorite way to promote?

KG: Honestly, the easiest way to promote yourself nowadays is just be original or different.. Stand out, don’t fit in. Then of course, TikTok I would say is the biggest newer exposure app, basically taking over Instagram in the aspect of finding new artists and entrepreneurs.



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