NiaVoy – Interview – A Hot Minute

Written by on January 2, 2024

NiaVoy – Interview – A Hot Minute – by Liam Sweeny.

We caught up with performer NiaVoyand had a chance to catch her perspective on life and the music game. And thus she responded…

RRX: We all get into creative pursuits for different reasons. Some people get into music and the arts to escape; for some, it’s a natural outlet. Was was music, and creativity in the larger sense, for you?

NV: I was born into music. My family does things in all aspects dealing with the performing arts: singing, dancing, acting, videography etc. Music for me in particular. I enjoy making people feel full but also making them see that the most humble quiet person can make a big moment with simplicity.

RRX: Where was the first place you felt comfortable performing? People talk about places where they cut their teeth musically. Where was that for you? And does that place, or that scene still exist, or was it lost to time?

NV:  The first place I felt comfortable performing was Teen Idol out in Columbia, Maryland. It was the first time I performed in a place where nobody knew the level of talent I had, so the fact that I got a standing ovation and touched many people confirmed I had a gift that can impact and change the world.

RRX: Music is both word and note, beat and measure, and message. If your music was laid out like a story, what’s the main character like? What’s the plot? And what’s one of the big moments that turned the story around?

NV: If you listen to my music, it’s basically a love story about a woman trying to navigate and find what true love is for her. She’s been through many experiences but she still is taking a chance on love and searching for that one.

RRX: Creative people move culture, especially musical performers. We have to thread the circumstances in our lives in a way to affect others. And this is sometimes a responsibility put on us. How do you, specifically, move culture?

NV: I move culture by how I keep and present myself as a singer. I’m not your typical sell my body singer; I’m a singer with a rapper’s swag but my voice reminds you of your grandma’s sweet wisdom and I’m still giving that old school R&B that’s been missing for decades

RRX: Music is a good traveling companion. Play it in a car on that long ride and the miles disappear. But you gotta have something to play. You have something out, maybe more than one thing – can you tell us about some of it?

NV: I have 5 singles and an EP out. My EP is called Nia’s Unsung Love Story. I realized that in about 2021, it got a lot of good Vibez on there. My first single I ever dropped is called In Your feelings, and that’s for the women that deal with a person who can’t take the heat if they did the same messed up things they did in the relationship

I think my favorite single I recorded was Late Night, which was a collaboration with an artist named Jay Wells, phenomenal male vocalist, and the beat was produced by Keyz the mogul. He’s a fire producer. Can’t wait to make some more dope tracks with him.

RRX: One of the biggest challenges musicians face is getting their name out there. There’s so much competition, and technology makes it possible for everyone to be out there with a well-produced offering. What’s your favorite way to promote?

NV: To be consistent with content and just plugging in when the opportunity is presented.



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