Johnny Mystery

It’s that time again. We max out our credit cards and spend time with people we look to avoid most of the year. Somehow, we feel even more freakish during these days. There are radio stations playing nothing but Christmas music when you get in the car and when you head to the mall, that’s […]

What else would I write about in the October-issue?  Figured I’d get “Monster Mash” outta the way, right outta the casket. It’s the only Halloween record most people know or even care about and that’s a shame. There’s a lot of good ones. Aside from Christmas music, there are more Halloween tunes than all the […]

Your everlasting summer has faded. Soon your complaints about humidity will be replaced by pumpkin spiced everything. Forget it, okay. You do know we live in one of the best areas of the country for live local music. I didn’t make that up. Go check. I’ll wait…see, I told you. Not just you’re typical, garden […]

It is safe to say, 20 years ago, not many would even dream the vinyl format could be profitable again but there it is. The plastic waffle is outselling compact discs by leaps and bounds. A billion- dollar industry? That’s the word now. The problem is the demand is growing faster than the ability to […]

Time to geek out with some songs you’ve probably never heard. Most obscure, some were hits, all included for reasons which will be explained as we go along. Every one of them can be found easily online. You should give them a spin at least once because life is too short to listen to music […]

I felt deprived at a young age. Not for what I needed but for what I “really” needed. In the Spring of 1966, it was a mere two years after the “Mop Tops” landed and slightly over a year before the putrid summer of smelly hippies. I’d learned to play a bit of an upright […]

You just blew your last five bucks on a Filet-O-Fish sandwich and a box of Screaming Yellow Zonkers but you’re a “vinyl junkie geek” and you have to have that 45 which just hit the secondary market. So, what are you gonna do?  You find the nearest ATM because it’s another dateless Friday night and […]

Shortly after I turned in my first column for The Xperience, word came down on the passing of Mike Nesmith.  This came as no surprise to me, as I’d recently viewed some clips of the final Monkees tour he had done in the Fall. Mikey wasn’t looking too good.  Now, whenever the subject of The […]

Welcome to Mondo Rock ‘n Rolla! Let’s talk about rock ‘n roll records. Obscure rock ’n roll records to be precise.  It’s the stuff you’ve probably never heard but should have. For instance, a ragtag band of forgotten losers from the forsaken hills of Arizona called Phil and the Frantics. Phil wore a saxophone around […]

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