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New And Recently Discovered Tunes To Kick Off 2024 by Johnny Mystery. Happy New Year, Rock N Roll believers. We got some new records to kick things off right and my personal recommendations for some tunes you may have missed or perhaps you just forgot about. That’s okay, no judgements here. I must however get […]

2023 Wrap-Up – An Xperience Column – by Johnny Mystery. Yeah, so as I write these words, a cold wind is blowing, and The Beatles and The Stones are riding high on the pop charts. Makes me wonder what Gerry and The Pacemakers are doing these days. Really tough, at this point I’m not telling […]

From Dallas to LA – a Column by Johnny Mystery. Well, more like Dallas to the San Fernando Valley, which is where The Preachers hailed from, but they found fame in the city of the angels. The Preachers are one of two bands we’ll be checking out here. They were five guys who just wanted […]

Cult Bands – Dishing the Cult Band Clique – Johnny Mystery. They pretty much started out as cult, then for an unexplained reason, most of them became enormous, money-making machines. I’m not the biggest metal fan. I’m certainly not a huge fan of The Misfits. Glen Danzig just looks weird. Scary, like if you asked […]

Liar Liar. It’s sometime in 1965 and an eight-year-old kid is making his First Communion. It’s a big thing. You get gifts. I’m that kid and I’m about to get something that will open up the world to my young ears. No more will my contact to rock n roll be restricted to just the […]

The 5678s. The 5678s are coming to Troy on August 26th but here’s some not so great news, it’s a sellout. Unless you got tix, you’ll be outside lookin’ in and that’s a shame. If you think you don’t know who they are think again. If you’ve seen the movie Kill Bill, then you’ve seen […]

In the mid-sixties, Bobby Fuller was living the dream as far as rock n’ roll dreams go. He had a record riding high in the national charts. He and his group “The Bobby Fuller Four” were in high demand on the Sunset Strip scene in L.A. and were appearing regularly as the house band on […]

Tales from the Land of Zider Zee. Many of us remember or at least read about, the British Invasion. Hell, every time we log onto any social media site there’s a bombardment of pictures of The Beatles and The Stones. They and a slew of other bands from Jolly Ole England were responsible for putting […]

Link to the Power Chord column. Welcome to Dunn, North Carolina, Anytown, USA, population around ten thousand. It’s not the kind of place you would expect anything extraordinary musically. There is no Beale Street. There is no Graceland or Sun Recording Studio. It is, however, the hometown of a guy whose influence on rock n […]

Is it the heat? Is something in the water? It should be no surprise that some of our greatest rock artists have come out of the lone star state. Texas is also rich in Country and Blues. In fact, Alan Lomax spent a good amount of time, particularly in Dallas, putting together the Great American […]

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