YaGirlMJ – Interview – “A Hot Minute”

Written by on January 13, 2024

YaGirlMJ – Interview – “A Hot Minute” – Interview by Liam Sweeny.

RRX: Modeling seems easy to people who’ve never modeled. Just stand in front of a camera, and that’s it. But that’s looking at the end-product with no understanding of what may have to happen a day or a week before the shoot. Can you talk about that?

YG: To me modeling is fun.. it is sitting in front of a camera and actually enjoying what you see in front of a mirror ! I think the problem with alot of models is they have n0 fun and that turns into envy or just feeling better than everyone else.

RRX: Models and photographers are a matched pair. Both have to be on-point. I’ve known from my time in print media that every photographer has their own look. Can you tell me about a photographer you shot with whose look you really vibed with.

YG: I’ve honestly shot with so many photographers but I will say the main ones that clicked with me since before I moved to atlanta was Daniel M photography, for one he shot me before anyone could in Atl and still 4 years strong by my side.

RRX: Like photographers, wardrobes are another matched pair. I can think of two scenarios, one where you’re in wardrobe to shoot for maybe an ad. The other is you’re modeling the wardrobe itself, for the brand. Which of the two do you like best?

YG: To be honest I rather Rock the wardrobe itself and freely kill it in a shoot for a brand.

RRX: One key of art is that the artist reveals themselves through their work. But a model reveals themselves as their work. You’re using your expressions and body language to bring a work into being that will affect the people who see it. Does it feel like art?

YG: It’s 100% art for me it’s a form of loving yourself you are the Mona Lisa in front of that camera and ever piece of you is a work of art so to show it off and enjoy it and not hate it makes it a great love.

RRX: Models can go all over the world, and are in high demand whenever a person or business wants to bring attention to something. But as a model, it’s your face on a thing. Have you ever had to turn something down because you didn’t want your face on it?

YG: Yes I 100% had to because my respect and morals for myself comes first ! If I settle for one thing I’ll fall for anything

RRX: There are a lot of people doing modeling on social media. And they call themselves models, and the people in the comments treat them like models – are they models? Is it a matter of real models vs fake models, or is it just varying skill levels of models?

YG: To be honest, I am so over the idea of you not being a model just because you’re on social media ! If you’re doing shoots , you’re getting paid , you’re becoming an ambassador YOU ARE A MODEL ! When you look in that mirror and walk in your new fit you are a model the old narrative is played out.



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