My Bloody Valentine – Lost Tracks and Rare Cuts – Review

Written by on January 20, 2024

My Bloody Valentine – Lost Tracks And Rare Cuts – Review by Joshua Reedy.


My copy: 2015 unofficial limited compilation by Arkain Filloux.

This is a bootleg record that collects several rarities from My Bloody Valentine’s prolific tenure in late 80s and early 90s. The selections are nicely varied, ranging from Isn’t Anything era post-punk to strange and obscure takes from assorted single releases.

The industrial drum machine of Only Shallow B-side “Sugar” sounds like a construction site processed through reverb, dotted by their signature whammy guitar and gentle swaying vocals.”Cowboy Song” and “Good For You” are both taken their EP compilation and are clearly from their earlier, more rhythmically chaotic style. Drums topple over each measure, desperate to cram in as many fiery fills as possible before the next verse. “Good For You” is especially impressive for mashing alien, mechanical dissonance against an effortlessly bubbly core, as if these two opposite sounds were always meant to coincide. Also included is a longer, remixed version of “Glider” complete with the very same ghostly, whistling ambiance.

“Just Like Us” and “Time Of Day” are unreleased rarities, with the former proving the importance of their vocal dynamics in a rare stripped-back instrumental,  held together by Bilinda Butcher’s best owl imitation yet (they love their “Hoos”). MBV take on Wire through “Map Reference 41 N 93 W,” diffusing the already very mild punk edge of the original into a much dreamier pop tune, filled here with chirping electronics. Two selections are taken from their Instrumental 7”, the first feeling like a more abrasive version of their early music while the second is a truly standout moment that elegantly fuses hip-hop drum and bass loops with haunting vocal synth ambiance (an early crack at trip-hop). The last inclusion is their charming take on the Louis Armstrong-performed “We Have All The Time In The World,” though the digital instruments are take-it-or-leave-it in comparison to the vocal delivery.

Lost Tracks And Rare Cuts is a fun treat for fans, though it could have been rounded out with a few of their dreamier demos as opposed to their slightly more generic take on post-punk/goth. Considering the often cheap price point, this comp makes for worthwhile acquisition despite its lo-fi veil. Still, this is an unofficial release, which may impact your opinion depending on your views on bootlegs.



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