SL Capone – Interview – A Hot Minute

Written by on January 20, 2024

SL Capone – Interview – A Hot Minute – by Liam Sweeny.

We connected with SL Capone and asked him deep questions about his craft. Here are the words.

RRX: We all get into creative pursuits for different reasons. Some people get into music and the arts to escape; for some, it’s a natural outlet. Was was music, and creativity in the larger sense, for you?

SL: Music for me is definitely an art to escape from my real problems & pain . When I put on the headphones & get in front of the mic it sends my brain into another realm or something which allows me to be more creative. Its like I get a beat, then feel the beat & think about everything from my life so I can put it on then block everything out to really feel it for real.

RRX: Where was the first place you felt comfortable performing? People talk about places where they cut their teeth musically. Where was that for you? And does that place, or that scene still exist, or was it lost to time?

SL: Definitely in my hometown Albany. I’ve had a few showcase performances at different venues which allow me to perfect my craft & also get used to crowd reactions. It definitely feel better knowing you can control a crowd when its the people you live around & you know will actually hear play your music. I cant ever forget performing here its what makes me.

RRX: Music is both word and note, beat and measure, and message. If your music was laid out like a story, what’s the main character like? What’s the plot? And what’s one of the big moments that turned the story around

SL: My main character would be someone who is talented & very determined to make a legacy for himself & his family. He would definitely never stop at anything being that he is able to make it through all the storms & people he lost that were genuinely close to him . That would be what drives him to succeed.

RRX: Creative people move culture, especially musical performers. We have to thread the circumstances in our lives in a way to affect others. And this is sometimes a responsibility put on us. How do you, specifically, move culture?

SL: I like to make music about things that I myself have been through & also about things I may have seen someone else go through. Sometimes I envision what i think someone else would go through too & mix it all together to try & create a vivid image for the culture to relate to. I tend to stay closer on the side of things I’ve actually been through. I never want to fabricate anything so that people know they’re not alone. Even though at times I feel that no one is listening to me when I’m alone, if that makes sense. In a sense as I’m the voice for them through the music.

RRX: Music is a good traveling companion. Play it in a car on that long ride and the miles disappear. But you gotta have something to play. You have something out, maybe more than one thing – can you tell us about some of it?

SL: I actually have been building my catalog very consistently in the past few months. I’m a very versatile artist so i never try to drop to much of the same type of sounds. I just recently released a project on ALL platforms called LIFE which has about 12 tracks that tell a story through different sounds. I also have a couple videos on YouTube & still tend to drop on SoundCloud on top of all the Apple Music & what not.

RRX: One of the biggest challenges musicians face is getting their name out there. There’s so much competition, and technology makes it possible for everyone to be out there with a well-produced offering. What’s your favorite way to promote?

SL: Promotion is heavy for me. I feel like that’s definitely a daily task for an artist. I like to promote my music to all my social media platforms. I’ll repeatedly post a track, video or project to make sure everyone sees it. There’s honestly not a day where you can check my pages & not see something about music. When I’m outside at events I tend to do in person promotion as well especially when I’m around other artists. I honestly don’t see any competition but myself. I’m very open to supporting & collabing with anyone who takes their craft seriously so I try to share my sound wherever I go.



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