Recap: The Marshall Tucker Band at UPH 01/26/2024 -By Rob Smittix

Written by on January 29, 2024

I (Rob Smittix) just recently interviewed Doug Gray of The Marshall Tucker Tucker Band -Check it out HERE!

PHOTOS BY: Ross Adams/Rob Smittix

The Marshall Tucker Band is heading into their 51st year of being a band in 2024 and the music still holds it’s weight. I was very excited to see the band play as I have never seen them live before. I decided to ask my friend and fellow concert goer Ross Adams to join me for this evening of music at Universal Preservation Hall in Saratoga Springs on Friday January 26th.

Although the original Marshall Tucker Band was only together for 8 years due to tragedy and life situations, the current line up has been doing it even longer with at least one band mate being with the group for 28 years. So please do not discount the musicianship of the band. They do their best to honor the original members (most notably brothers Toy  and Tommy Caldwell) but they of course add their own spin of things.

Ross and I felt like we had the greatest seats in the house but realistically there aren’t any bad views at UPH. We enjoyed every minute of the show and there was a certain magic in the room when the crowd sang along. My only peeve was that the bar didn’t accept cash and I only brought cash because my wife had my card. Like standing outside of liquor store at 18, I had to convince concert goers to take my cash and purchase my beer on their card. Ahh First world problems lol. I also am totally convinced that the encore was coming but the house lights came on, that kind of puts the fork in that idea.

Anyway the point of this is UPH is a great venue, not to be overlooked but bring your credit/debit cards and The Marshall Tucker Band will be around for as long as we’ll have them!

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