The Taylor Swift Super-Bowl Conspiracy -What Does it All Mean?

Written by on January 30, 2024

For Entertainment Purposes Only: These are just silly rumors going around the internet but there actually are some bizarre coincidences surrounding the number 13, Taylor Swift performing at the Super Bowl (which she is NOT) and the illuminati .

Everyone is a self-proclaimed numerologist these days but when the number 13 keeps popping up; sometimes you got to question it. Here here we go:

1).  It’s Super Bowl 58.  5 + 8 = 13,

2).Thirteen is Taylor Swift’s FAVORITE NUMBER,

3). She’s been to 12 games and if she makes the SUPER BOWL it will be her 13th!

4). 49ers. 4 + 9 = 13

5). 49ers are a ONE SEED, Chiefs are a THREE SEED. ONE and THREE (13)

6). Taylor Swift will be in Japan on February 2/11 (13)

7). Non-Stop Flight from Tokyo to Vegas = 13 Hours

8). 100% – 13 = 87 Taylor’s Boyfriend’s Jersey (Travis Kelce)

9). Travis Kelce’s 22nd playoff game. “I don’t know about you but I’m feelin’ Twenty-two”

10). The theory is that Taylor Swift will arrive in time which is almost supposedly impossible and she will actually make the stage as a surprise guest. Then the internet will go insane claiming she really is the reincarnation of Mrs. Evil Guy, Anton Lavey. Will we just leave poor Taylor Swift alone? Is this just the price for fame? Or is there something to this bizarre stupidity?


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