Written by on February 28, 2024

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This is Jesse Sample.  I spend a lot time in the kitchen and it’s a room that has always been my favorite spot in any place I’ve ever lived. This week we get things cooking in a culinary composition using some the many sounds a kitchen has to offer.

To start, I created a rhythm from hitting various surfaces and recording it with my trusty condenser mic. I applied the various sounds in a way where each separate sound was responsible for a specific role on a standard drum beat. Wooden spoon on a plastic wanton soup container was my basskick. Metal spoon on coffee cup was my cymbal and small Tupperware container was my snare. And silverware drawer was a trip east for a dose of something crazy. I adjusted EQ on these to account for a broad set of frequencies and attempted to create a sonic balance.

The pretty girl at the prom was tea kettle. I used her uninflected voice to build pressure in the breaks between sections and also applied a sampler in other tracks so I could also write melodies with her breathy voice in the 3rd section.

I used water faucet to create a bassy mid-range. The sound of the running water is random and beautiful and when sampled on the root note of A, provides the track a texture of freedom and release. And let’s not forget blackbean can. The tin tambre is awake and alive.

And after my kitchen used me the way I used her for all these years, I expressed how I felt about the thing she built with my Stratocaster. Nothing too crazy or over the top. Just chillin’ in my favorite room and enjoying her funky mood. I some ways, she created me tonight.

From me and my good friend Kitchen, thank you to all of you listening on Radio Radio X. This is the Freak of the Week, Kitchen Sounds.

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