A Horse With No Name – The Weird Side of the Internet

Written by on February 28, 2024

A Horse With No Name – The Weird Side of the Internet – by Liam Sweeny.

Some things you just can’t hide. The blush on your face when you’re in love. The unbridled enthusiasm when you’re about to start doing something you love. The smell of a good dank chunch of marijuana flower once you’ve taken a torch to it. But among the many things you just can’t hide, one is definitely a full-grown horse. Not when you live on the third floor of an apartment complex.

This happened in Poland, but let’s face it, there are at least 46 states this could’ve happened in here. A guy steals a horse, and decides to hide it in his apartment. On the third floor. The neighbors started calling the cops while he was leading the stallion up from the second to third floor. I’m guessing the first floor people were “live and let live” about it. Anyways, the cops didn’t believe the callers at first, believing it to be a prank. But they showed up and caught a modern-day horse thief.

It cost $3,800 American, and dude is looking at five years.

I want to comment on how stupid this guy is, but that would be easy. Guy thought he could sublet his house to Hi Ho Silver and though no one would notice. It would’ve sucked to be him, think about all the food he’d have to lug up.

And here’s something that may or may not be a fact. On the show “Hill Street Blues,” a man brought a cow upstairs in a projects, and as Officer Renko tried to get it down, a bystander said, “They ain’t got no ‘down’ genes. They got ‘up’ genes, but no ‘down’ genes.” So exactly how much harder was it to get the horse down the stairs than it was to get it up?

Man, imagine what this guy’s gotta tell his cellmates about why he’s in there. I don’t know, I guess horse thievery is one of those dignified, classic crimes. You be the judge.



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