Phil Orsini – Interview – Thanks for Asking

Written by on March 22, 2024

Phil Orsini – Interview – Thanks for Asking – by Liam Sweeny.

RRX: Every comic book hero has an origin story. What is your origin story? (points if you tell it like a comic book origin.)

PO: My grandparents, “The Langley’s,” were gigging folk musicians my entire life. Growing up around music is what introduced me to the scene. I’d say my career “officially started” when my grandmother gifted me my first guitar at a young age.

RRX: Every artist’s first song is a milestone. But so is the latest song. Describe the first song/album you recorded, and also the latest song/album you recorded; what are the differences?

PO: The first song I released was “Electric Penguin Music,” an EDM track made using literal penguin sounds. While this track was more of a joke than anything, it did gain me the experience required to get my music out there for the world to hear. My most recent song is a track called “Look In Her Eyes” which is an upbeat Folk Pop song; probably my favorite release so far. They are vastly different in all aspects.

RRX: Like songs, every artist has a unique feeling about their first show. What was your first show like? Was it your best show? If not, what was your best show like?

PO: Way back in the children’s choir at church I recall getting my first solo. Since then I have done numerous open mics and shows with my band. One of my most favorite shows was a Christmas in July set I did at the Sand Lake Center for the Arts. This show is particularly memorable as I performed immediately after my grandparents; it was also the first time that they both saw me perform.

RRX: Music genres are difficult for some artists. Some strictly adhere; others not so much. What is your perspective on the genre you play, or the genres you hover around?

PO: I don’t love adhering to genres, however, I generally hover around the Folk Pop/Celtic Folk genres. It’s always been something I enjoy listening to, so playing these genres is also enjoyable.

RRX: It’s a lot of fun living in the present, but we all collect memories and give birth to dreams. We’re talking dreams here. Where you see yourself next year? In the next five years?

PO: On a world stadium tour, of course. Maybe I’ll let Taylor Swift open for me if I’m feeling generous.

RRX: We all get a little support from those around us. And we also can be impressed by our fellow performers. Who do you admire in your community, and why?

PO: The McKrells and Get Up Jack are two bands in particular that I enjoy watching. Both put on a great show and I love the music that they play!



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