Horse Grave – Interview – Thanks for Asking!

Written by on June 20, 2024

Horse Grave – Interview – Thanks for Asking! – by Liam Sweeny.
We caught up with Horse Grave and had a chat. This is what they had to say.
RRX: Who are three people who support the craft that you would like to shine a spotlight on?
LK: Here are a bunch
John Cook
Jared Weed
The Krak Bros & Crisis Isolation
Jeff Leszczarz
CZR Entertainment
The Balor/VBD camp
Flojo Pendejo/Rico Pendejo
RRX: I know when pitching it helps to tell someone it’s “this meets that.” So let’s try that with you. If you had to give me two bands that meet each other in your sound, what are those bands? More than two bands?
MD: Candiria meets The Red Chord for afternoon tea in a sun drenched garden. Car Bomb gazes at them contentedly.
RRX: Would you rather have one of your songs blow up and make you a one-hit wonder and household name, or would you rather have all your songs be solidly received, but no chart-climbers? (You have to pick one or the other here.)
MD: I’d much rather have one song blow up. If we had a tune reach 5 billion streams, we’d receive so many hundredths of a nickel.
RRX: In the universe of music, anything can happen. Bizarro doppelgangers can walk down the street in feather boas. Who would be your musical opposite and why? What do you think the “anti-you” band would sound like?
DBD: Our opposite would play EQX-friendly music that my spouse would like. Digestibly arranged, non-abrasive, and terminally chill. They’d avoid rhythms with odd numbers like the plague and churn out squeaky-clean TikTok-ready tunes for hippie moms to dance to. Their music would be much closer to the song Instant Doppelgänger than Involuntary Doppelgänger. Everyone’s cup of tea, not a taste you have to acquire. Bizarro Horse Grave would definitely eat at Reggie’s instead of Monk’s.
RRX: What was the very first reaction to your music, from the first person to ever hear so much as a practice jam or the demo of your first song?
CROW: A little over a year ago I played a rough practice recording of our first song for BILLY HARRIGAN. An artist that has tattooed DYLAN and I, as well as designed the artwork for one of our shirts. BILLY has also sang for some local bands DIRT CHURCH being one; so his opinion matters to me beyond just being my tattoo artist and good friend. He was nothing short of supportive and kind. Noted a 2-step passage that stood out from the rest of the piece, which is arguably the most death metal oriented of our arrangements.
RRX: What instrument would you add to the band if you could? Is there anything you are trying to do musically that would be helped with one or more additional players?
CROW: Before we lucked into DYLAN joining the ranks, we were briefly toying with the idea of having a synth bass player. Keys in general when tactfully incorporated into any heavy music always catches my attention. I listen to a lot of electronic music and appreciate when the genre lines can blur. Always wanted to be in a band that was kind of like a heavier version of THE CARS. The band LUKE and I were in previously, START THE REACTOR flirted with this notion a bit.

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