2022 Wrap Up

You gotta be somewhat ambitious to write up a rock and roll best of list in our brave new world. It’s not that there aren’t any good tunes out there. Just don’t look to top 40 radio. A.I. seems to be in charge of pop now, though from what I’ve heard not much intelligence is […]

Photography By: Tim Reidy Steve Hackett The Egg CimaFunk Lark Hall John Anderson The Egg Karina Rykman/Quiltro Lark Hall The Regrettes/Kississippi Empire Live The Stickmen The Linda Pat Benetar/ Madison VandenBurgh Empire State Plaza Moe. Empire State Plaza Slothrust/Weakened Friends Empire Underground Plush/Vendetta Rose/Alborn Empire Underground Tulip Festival Rodeo Barons/North & South Dakotas/Reese Fulmer No […]

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