Album Review

Sonic Youth – Sister (1987) My copy: 2016 reissue by Goofin’ Records. From Blue Cadet-3 – A Music Blog Following Evol in ‘86, Sonic Youth released the middle child of their most famous three album run. Though it precedes Daydream Nation (their most famous release of the 80s and potentially of all time) by just […]

Interpol Review, by Josh Reedy. My copy: 2014 reissue by Matador Records When people think of early 2000s alt-rock bands that helped reignite interest in certain genres, Interpol is usually brought up pretty quickly. With their tastefully poppy reimagination of 80s post-punk, Interpol and the cult following they accrued after releasing their debut album would […]

Animal Collective, Spirit They’re Gone, Spirit They’ve Vanished My copy: 2009 limited reissue, FatCat Records     Spirit is an indomitable force in the Animal Collective catalog. This album is the result of an extremely creative mind expressing its angst, fear, love and curiosity in the most cheerfully visceral way possible. Off the bat you’ll notice […]

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