It was dance party on a Tuesday at No Fun in Troy with Ronnie Stone, Architrave and Bare Mattress. Photography by Timothy Reidy. More from Timothy Reidy…

A Cave In Bloom – Interview – Thanks for Asking – by Liam Sweeny. I connected with Joseph Beaty from the band A Cave In Bloom. They’re a fascinating band, as you will see if you keep reading. So… keep reading. RRX: Every comic book hero has an origin story. What is the origin story […]

Age of The Bear, Architrave, Deb Cavanaugh, and Adam Tinkle performed at SongCity above The Ruck in Troy on Tuesday, January 9th. Photography by Timothy Reidy. More from Timothy Reidy…

Jennifer Maher Coleman – an Interview with Dean Giagni. Jennifer Maher Coleman is a triple or quadruple threat depending on how you define her artistic output. A talented and popular DJ in 90’s East Coast Rave culture, a skilled and sensitive fine arts painter, the creator, singer and composer of synth-pop duo Architrave and, with […]

Architrave, Winkies and Home Body performed at No Fun in Troy on Friday, June 23rd. Photography by Timothy Reidy.

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