Billy Bragg

It had been over thirty years since I last saw Billy Bragg, and I must confess to wondering before his performance at the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall just how relevant the man and his music would be in 2022. Looking fit and trim, Bragg bounded onstage and ripped into 1984’s “A Lover Sings” on […]

On Tuesday October 10th Billy Bragg played for the first time ever in Troy, NY for a crowd on anxious fans at The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall. The opening act was Alice Phoebe Lou playing solo and I’ve got to say I was thoroughly impressed. Wandering the halls I witnessed Alice admiring the photos […]

RRX: It’s very nice to be talking with you. How have you been? BB: Not too bad and you?  RRX: Things have been weird but okay. BB: Things have been weird here as well. RRX: So, you’re in the UK right now? BB: I am indeed and you’re in Troy? RRX: Close to Troy, I’m […]

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