Poetry Flourishes in The 518 Capital Region – Interview with Nancy Klepsch – by Niki Kaos. Back in the day, I remember Annine Everson breaking my heart with her pinata poetry. And going to the QE2 hosting spoken word, could it be three decades ago? Okay – I don’t want to date myself here in […]

Interview with R.M. Engelhardt As a creative person, it’s great to have creative friends that have, over the years, really transformed their discipline in the area. In this case, watching them take a scene adrift and shaping it into a strong and open community. R.M. Engelhardt has been a driving force in the Capital District […]

We join author Heather Bell, who’s book, Regret or Something More Animal, is out in stores now from CLASH Books. RRX: I’m a fiction writer by trade, which means I spend my time trying to put emotions, including pain, into a life. But I’ve recently had time to write about something painful in my life. […]

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